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Art 28A - Introduction to Web Page Design with instructor L. Collier. Class required at LCC for AS in Digital Graphic Design. Also reference "Teach Yourself Visually: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5" by Janine Warner

AP Divs

Another word for layers and is used with Cascading Sheet Styles (CSS). DAA


The action an image or graphic is given when creating a dramatic web page. DAA


A graphic image that is composed of dots, or pixels. Web sites display bitmaps. DAA


A shape or icon that can be selected and linked to another image, text, site, etc. DAA


A method of shrinking a file to be downloaded in order to reduce transmission time. DAA

Document Window

This is the Web browser's scrollable area in which HTML documents can be viewed. DAA


Similar to a street adress, servers on the Web have addresses to allow other computers to locate them electronically. DAA


Dots Per Inch specifies the resolution of an output device, such as a scanner or printer. The higher the resolution, the finer the detail of the image. DAA

Dynamic (Dynamic Content)

A web site that is altered or updated very easily and often. DAA

External Graphics Program

Image editing program such as Photoshop. DAA


Graphic Interchange Format is a common format for an image file. Usually appropriate for large, few color images. The file size of GIF's are significantly smaller than JPEG's. DAA


1024 Megabytes. DAA


A range of different color tones. The transition of one color to another. DAA

H space field

Horizontal space or width of an area. DAA

Hexidecimal Code

Six digit code that identifies RGB color. DAA

Home Page

The document displayed when you first open your Web browser, or the first page of a Web site. DAA

Hot Spot

A specified area of an image that is used as a link. DAA


HyperText Markup Language is the code language used to tag a Web document so browsing software will know how to display that document's links, text, graphics and attached media. DAA


Links a web page to another web page. DAA

Hypertext Links

Highlighted and/or underlined words or images on a Web page which link that page to other related pages or files. DAA


Internet Service Provider - a company that provides you with a connection to the internet via a dial-up, broadband or wireless connection. DAA


Joint Photographic Experts Group - an image compression format used to transfer color photographs and images over computer networks. DAA

Jump or Anchor Link

Same page links. ("Back to top"). DAA


Hyper connections between Web pages. This is a synonym for hotlink or hyperlinks. DAA


1024 kilobytes DAA


Basic commands and options that are also found duplicated in the window, panel and inspectors of Dreamweaver. DAA


HTML tags that are used to identify keywords and descriptions of the page. DAA


Video, animation, audio, etc. DAA

Page Properties

Displays edit attributes of any element. DAA


Tiny solid color squares that make up a bitmap image and are a unit of measure. DAA

Property Inspector

Dialog box with options for changing the appearance of a page. DAA


Red/Green/Blue. The color makeup of all electronic screens/monitors. DAA


Images or graphics that react when one rolls a curser over them. DAA

Root Site Folder

A file on your hard drive in which you organize all your web page components or elements. DAA

Search Engine

This term refers to a program that helps users find information in text-oriented databases. DAA


A computer system that manages and delivers information for client computers. DAA

Static Website

A web site which is the same everytime you log on to it and it has little or no user interaction. DAA


Formatting codes used in HTML documents which indicate how parts of a document will appear when displayed by browser software. DAA


1000 gigabytes. DAA


Contains tools, shortcuts, and display features. DAA


A small sample of a graphic image. DAA


Uniform Resource Locator. Displays world wide web address, server and path to access any file.
(i.e.: ). DAA

V space field

Vertical space or height of an area. DAA

Web Browser

Allows a user to access and view HTML documents. (i.e.: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) DAA

Web Page

The common name for one page of information on the Web displaying documents, graphics, sound, video, etc.
An HTML document accessible on the web. DAA

Website Contents

The text and images that constitute the information on the website. These are frequently updated to suit the needs of the website owner. DAA


When a message is sent or submitted to an individual or web based bulletin board. DAA

Website Design

The visual elements that make up the theme and style of the website. DAA

Website Layout

The positioning of various elements that make a website. It is the hardest to change and thus must be settled and agreed upon early in the development process. DAA

Web Space

Refers to the area created by the World Wide Web. DAA

960 pixels

Average size of many popular websites. (Facebook-980, YouTube-961, Yahoo-973, MSN-980, Twitter-919, LinkedIn-980, Bing-970). DAA

Web Page Sizes

Fixed-width sites will look the same on every screen, no matter how wide it is. DAA

Web Page Sizes

Fluid sites will expand to fill the screen. DAA

Positive/Negative space

Allows your viewer a chance to rest between elements and absorb the information. DAA


Radial, Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Approximate balance all create a sense of organization. DAA


Use of organic (biomorphic) or geometric shapes to define the style of the theme. DAA


Repeated elements from one page to another. DAA


A variable amount of tonal shades and colors and/or the use of overlapping to create depth. DAA


Representative colors will emphathise a theme, create an emotional reaction, draw the viewer in, and represent the client. DAA


The viewpoint in which the client/consumer is seeing the given information. Use hierarchy to attract immediate viewer interest. DAA


Creating a virtual touch feeling within the background, objects, and lines placed within the composition. DAA


Choosing the correct object/images to represent and backup your theme. DAA


Choose a style or font that represents and relates to the theme and viewer. DAA

The Design Process - 1 of 6 - Research

Step 1: a.Determine parameters of assignment (audience, constraints-format, time, budget-, goals). b.Study/gather materials. c.Collect data/images. (Do NOT plagiarize) DAA

The Design Process - 2 of 6 - Thumbnail

Step 2: a.Small pencil drawings of options used in solving the problem. DAA

The Design Process - 3 of 6 - Roughs

Step 3: Select the best thumbnail and proceed with a computer-generated image. DAA

The Design Process - 4 of 6 - Comps

Step 4: Comprehensives give the appearance or idea of the final product. DAA

The Design Process - 5 of 6 - Presentation

Step 5: Group critique. DAA

The Design Process - 6 of 6 - Final

Step 6: Redo according to critique. DAA

The Design Process - Research - 1 of 3

1...Determine parameters of assignment.
a. Audience b. Constraints:format, time & budget.
c. Goals: what the product says. DAA

The Design Process - Research - 2 of 3

2...Study/gather related materials.
a. Comparisons to other products past and present. DAA

The Design Process - Research - 3 of 3

3...Collect data/images.
a. Do NOT plagiarize: it is unethical & illegal. DAA

The Design Process - Thumbnail - 1 of 5

1...Small hand drawn sketches showing the thinking, searching and sorting of ideas.
a. Indiv & group ideas - brainstorms. b. 3"-4" height c. Half a dozen ideas or variations. d. Fast, not detailed. DAA

The Design Process - Thumbnail - 2 of 5

a. Proportion to final format. b. Symmetry: bilateral, radial, asymmetrical. DAA

The Design Process - Thumbnail - 3 of 5

3...Color Schemes.
a. Develop a color palette. b. Based on emotion or iconic of idea/product. c. Response to viewers. DAA

The Design Process - Thumbnail - 4 of 5

4...Placement of objects.
a. Center of interest. b. Display text. c. Text blocks.
d. Elements: decorative and/or informative. DAA

The Design Process - Thumbnail - 5 of 5

5...Process of elimination.
a. Assess what works and what doesn't, and why. b. Do not reject an idea until it is drawn out. c. Ideas can be shared with client at this time. d. Cut and paste images if necessary to get across idea. DAA

The Design Process - Roughs - 1 of 2

1...Select the best thumbnail or combination of.
a. Can be directed by opinions of others/instructor/client
b. Involves considerable redefining/rethinking. DAA

The Design Process - Roughs - 2 of 2

2...Begin formal work of product.
a. Can be done on the computer. b. Incorporate exact elements: color, text, value, proportions, shapes, etc. DAA

The Design Process - Comps - 1 of 1

(Comprehensives) 1...Resembles a finished product.
a. Printed on presentation paper. b. Mounted for presentation to client/critique. c. If a three dimensional piece it will have multiples and is ready to be exhibited in various forms such as flat-layout, photographed, 3-D object. DAA

The Design Process - Presentation - 1 of 1

1...Exhibit your work to client/critique.
a. Present your work to your client in a professional manner. b.Receive final critique for changes before final mass printing. c. Extremely relevant to building client trust and your reputation as an artist/designer. DAA

The Design Process - Print Ready - 1 of 1

(Post or Upload) 1...Making your design ready for press.
a. Make any changes according to client/critique. b. Get a final approval from client. c. Develop and maintain a working relationship with print house. d. Provide print house with correct file format for printing. DAA


Adobe acrobat is software that creates quality, un-editable, printer friendly documents. Acrobat documents are recognized as PDF files. You can download the Acrobat PDF viewer plug-in at the Adobe website DAA


Agents are search tools that automatically seek out relevant online information based on your specifications. Agents are also called intelligent agents, personal agents, knowbots or droids. DAA


Synonymous with hyperlinks, anchor refers to non-linear links among documents. It's the word or phrase that can be selected to connect to another page or resource. (used in Dreamweaver) DAA

Anchor color

The color on screen that represents the anchor. Blue is often the default color, but it can be changed to any RGB combination. DAA


Personal notes which can be attached to documents and saved in a Web browser. Notes are available whenever the document is viewed. DAA

Applets (APPS)

Small software applications that download with a Web document, enhancing its presentation on your screen and eliminating the need for specialized viewing software to be permanently installed on your computer. DAA


Derived from the word archive, Archie is a Net-based service that allows you to locate files that can be downloaded via FTP. (File Transfer Protocol) DAA


A directory of related information, press releases, and other data. DAA

ASCII (ask-ee)

An acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII is an international standard in which numbers, letters, punctuation marks, symbols and control codes are assigned numbers from 0 to 127. Easily transferred over networks, ASCII is a plain, unadorned text without style or font specifications. DAA


Active Server Pages is a method of generating dynamic web pages. The ASP language was developed by Microsoft. The web hosting company that hosts the site must have a Windows OS server. DAA

Asychronous Connection

The type of conection a modem makes over a phone line, the connection is NOT synchronized by a mutual timing signal or clock. DAA

AU Sounds

An audio format developed for Sun workstations and often used to distribute sound clips via the Web. DAA

Authorizing Software

Software that enables the creation of multimedia or hypertext documents and presentations. (i.e. HTML editor) DAA


A handy tool which can be used for sending out automated replies to cuntomer's queries, or informal sales letters. DAA


An interactive representation of a human virtual reality environment. Term was popularized by Neal Stephenson's novel "Snow Crash". DAA


Business-to-Business eCommerce
(i.e.: manufacturer to distributor) DAA


Business-to-Consumer eCommerce
(i.e.: distributor to comsumer, retailer to customer)


Anything that a website visitor does not see. DAA


The range of transmission frequencies a network can use. The greater the bandwidth the more information that can be transferred over that network at one time. DAA


A graphic image that is placed on a web site as an advertisement. The banner generally links to a web site that relates to the advertisement. DAA


A transmission method in which a network uses its entire transmission range to send an individual signal. DAA


A unit of speed in data transmission, or the maximum speed at which data can be sent down a channel. Often equivalent to bits per second. DAA


Bulletin Board System.A computer equipped with software and telecommunications links that allow it to act as an information host for remote computer systems. DAA


File conversion format that converts binary files to ASCII text files. DAA


A contraction of binary and digit, a bit is the smallest unit of information that a computer can hold.
8 bits = a byte


Bits-per-second. The speed at which bits are transmitted (bit rate). DAA


A graphic image composed of dots, or pixels.
(Photoshop uses bitmap, Illustrator uses vector images. DAA


A journal that is available on the web. (WebLog).
Blogging - updating a blog.
Blogger - keeps and updates the blog. DAA


A general term for different types of high-speed, high-bandwidth connections to the Internet, including DSL, cable and wireless. DAA


A type of software that allows you to navigate information databases. (i.e.: Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer) DAA


The nnumber of bits used to represent a character. DAA


A spam prevention system. Requires user to read and type a word from a distorted image. DAA


Compact Disk-Read Only Memory. An optical disk from which information can be read, but not written. DAA


Compact Disk-Recordable. A peripheral disk drive that allows the user to record content on to a blank compact disk. DAA


Common Gateway Interface. An interface that connects web sites to other software and database. DAA


A method of online communication that allows users to communicate in "real time". Information is typed. DAA


A computer that has access to services over a computer network. The computer providing the services is the server. DAA


Commonly used to refer to a server that belongs to another person or group that is connected to a high-speed internet connection. Businesses tend to choose this method of web site hosting because it is more secure and faster. DAA


An individual who provides guidance and information to another individual. DAA


Content Management System. A system that allows easy updating of wesite content. (i.e.: WordPress, Joomla). Some CMS are custom made for more specific websites. DAA


Small data files that are saved when viewing certain types of web sites.Cookies remember form fields, group lists, item lists and other info that is a bother to enter on one user's computer and immediately is displayed on the other user's computer. DAA


The way your computer is set up. DAA


The act of changing software or hardware actions by changing the settings. DAA

Crawling (Indexing)

The process in which the search engines review and catalog a website. DAA


Commonly used to describe an electronic site shared by a number of commercial interests. DAA


Used to describe the Internet and the other computer networks. DAA


Collection of information categorized by specific fields. Usually searchable by keywords. DAA

Dedicated Hosting

Website owners with complete root level control over the web server. Keeps files secured from other user's, costliest form of hosting, preferred by only advanced webmasters. DAA


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, an Internet standard protocol that allows IP addresses to be pooled and assigned as needed by clients. DAA

Dial-up connection

Internet connectionfrom your computer to a host computer over a standard telephone line. No longer widely used. DAA

Direct connection

A permanent connection between a computer and the internet. (Leased-line connection) DAA

Direct Internet Access

Can be purchased through an independent local or national Internet Service Provider (ISP). DAA


A list of web sites categorized into appropriate catergories. Directories can increase your chances of being found through search engines.


Domain Name Server. A database of Internet names and addresses which translates the names to official Internet Protocol Numbers and vice versa. DAA


A document is any file containing text, media or hyperlinks that can be transferred from an HTTP server to a client program. DAA


To transfer to your computer a copy of a file that resides on another computer. DAA


Dots per inch specifies the resolution of an output device, such as a scanner or printer. The higher the resolution, the finer the detail of the image.
300 DPI or high for print. 72 DPI for web. DAA


A Digital Subscriber Line is a fast continuously available internet connection that uses a phone line and a DSL modem. DAA

Dynamic IP

An IP address may change each time you log on to the internet. (Amazon) DAA


Electronic Data Interchange system allows linked computers to conduct business transactions such as ordering and invoicing. DAA

External Viewer

A program used for presenting graphics, audio and video files. (i.e.: Allow viewing of GIF and JPEG files and the hearing of AU files) DAA


Frequently Asked Questions. DAA


Refers to security measures designed to protect a networked system from unauthorized or unwelcome access. DAA


Provide easy fill fields for collecting valuable marketing information from website traffic. DAA


A web page layout technique which divides the page into several smaller pages on one screen. Not all browser's support frames. DAA

Free Web Hosting

Cheap. Limited functionality, many ads appearing on the site. DAA


Interface of a web site or ecommerce shop. DAA

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