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no macrons included

amictus, amictus, m.

wrap, robe

caleo, calere, calui

be hot, burn

saepio, saepire, saepsi, saeptus

hedge in, inclose

sertum, serti, n.

wreath, garland

tus, turis, n.

incense, unguent

apis, apis, f.


collis, collis, m.



from above


where(by), in any way

semita, semitae, f.


fetus, fetus, m.

offspring, brood, swarm

mel, mellis, n.


nebula, nebulae, f.

cloud, mist, fog

thymum, thymi, n.

thyme, a flowering plant

adfligo, adfligere, adflixi, adflictus

strike down, shatter

aenus, aena, aenum

bronze, brazen

confido, confidere, confisus sum

trust in (dat.)

foris, foris, f.

door, gate, entrance

trabs, trabis, f.

beam, tinder

lacrimo, lacrimare, lacrimari, lacrimatus

weep, shed tears, lament

largus, larga, largum

copious, plentiful

salus, salutis, f.

safety, security, health

umecto, umectare, umectavi, umectatus

wet, moisten

bibo, bibere, bibibi


caedes, caedis, f.


peplus (um), pepli m. (n.)

robe, gown

cingulum, cinguli, n.

belt, girdle

inermis, inerme


pelta, peltae, f.

light shield

solium, solii, n.

throne, seat


the one who is going

ex, e

out from

facio, facere, feci, factus

do, make, perform; grant, offer, suppose

fama, famae, f.

fame, report, reputation

fatus, fata, fatum

see for

fatum, fati, n.

fate, destiny, doom; oracle

fero, ferre, tuli, latus

bear, endure; wear, report, say; carry off, plunder, extol; tend; grant, offer

ferrum, ferri, n.

iron, sword, weapon, tool

fessus, fessa, fessum

tired, weary, feeble, worn

finis, finis, m. (f.)

end, limit, border

flamma, flammae, f.

flame, fire, torch; love

fluctus, fluctus, m.

wave, tide, flood, sea

for, fari, fatus

speak, say, tell, utter

fore; forem, fores, foret

see sum

fors, fortis, f.

chance, fortune, hap

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