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Character Traits

Here is a set of Character Traits with pictures. We can use these trait vocabulary words as we think about characters when we read.
someone who enjoys frightening or hurting people

(That big strong girl always takes children's lunch money. She is a _______.)
a person who likes adventure, takes rish to have an adventure

(People who climb tall mountains are very ____________.)
someone who often feels nervous or worried about things.

(Before a test, I always feel very ________.)
a creative person, good at art

(She is good at drawing, so she must be very ___________.)
intelligent, smart

(Doris is very _______ (smart).)
often in a happy mood, full of life, not often sad

(My Uncle Sam is never sad, and always very _________ and happy.)
someone who will not change their mind, not listen to others, has only one way of thinking

(She will not listen to anyone's advice but her own. She is very ______________.)
often thinks about the needs of others first and always tries to help

(My grandma cares a lot about poor people. She is very ___________ because she always tries to help.)
someone who considers (thinks about) others first before themselves

(My friend George always thinks of others before himself. He is very ________________.)
works well with other people

(Even though my dad is busy, he always helps me whenever I ask. I think he is very _____________.)
brave, bold, willing to take risks for other people

(A soldier must be very ___________ when he goes to fight a battle.)
easily scared or frightened, not courageous

(My cat is so ____________. He always jumps at the smallest sound.)
eager to learn, want to know more

(Cats are always very __________. They always want to know what's happening.)
more willing to take risks than other people

(If you want to climb mountains you need to be very brave and d_______.)
refuses to obey the rules, disobedient

(The naughty boy was very ________, and he didn't listen to the teacher at all.)
someone you can rely or depend on to do something

(No matter what happens, I can always rely on my ____________ friend.)
out-going, always likes to be around people, talkative(

(My teacher is really _____________. He always makes me laugh in class and he can talk to anyone.)
someone you can always trust, who will always be there to help you

(My dog does everything I ask him. He is always really __________.)
a person who is always nice to everyone they meet

(My friend Mark likes to laugh with everyone. He is very ________.)
likes to give or share his/her things

(My friend, Irene, is so ___________ because she always gives money to poor people who need it.)
someone who always wants more than they need (Ex. money)

(My brother is very ___________. He eats everything on the table, so there is nothing for me to eat.)
someone who always tells the truth

(The __________ man never lies to anyone.)
someone who makes others laugh, likes to tell jokes

(Your funny friend is so __________, we should invite him to our party.)
shy not outgoing, prefer to keep to oneself

(I don't like to talk to everyone because I am really quite __________.)
being full of joy, happy about life

(Children are usually ______ every day.)
likes to help others, a good hearted person

(The ____ man helped all the old people to cross the road.)
someone older and wiser, acts like a grown-up (not childish)

(Your boyfriend is so considerate and thoughtful. He's really __________. Mine is really childish.)
likes to make mischief or trouble for others

(My ____________ younger brother played a trick on my mom and *I* got into trouble!)
someone who often feels worried, anxious about things

(The naughty boy is very confident in class, but very ________ when he's sat outside the principal's office.)
always ready to listen to new ideas

(I'm always ________________ to new ideas and things in life.)
not bold or confident; afraid to face danger

(People say that my cat is quite ****** as he won't go near anyone.)
different to everyone else, not the same

(If I could describe my friend in one word it would be ******.)