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minor crimes punishable by a county jail sentence or fine
voir dire questioning
the initial questioning or jurors to determine possible biases
a judge sentence of an offender to serve outside a correction institution but under specific restrictions often under the supervision of a probation officer
right to work law
law that prohibits contracts between labor and management that extablished a closed shop or union shop
discouraging criminal behavior by threat of punishment
the organizing document for corporation or a municipalities which defines their structure, purposes and activities
eminent domain
when government takes private property for public use bail- the security deposit required for the release of suspect awaiting trial
tort reform
efforts to limit liability in civil cases
a private or civil wrong or injury other than a breach of contract
exclusionary rule
evidence acquired in violation of fourth amendment, may not be admitted in federal courts
punitive damages
judgements in excess of actual damages intended to punish a defendant in a civil suit
due process
proper procedure designed to promote justice and protect the individual from the government. due process is essential to guaranteeing fairness before the government may deprive a person of life liberty or property
a previously decided legal case used as a guiding principle for future cases
society strong beliefs about right and wrong
serious crimes punishable by state institution
court orders to compel or prohibit specific actions
probable cause
sufficient information to lead a reasonable person to believe that evidence is probably contained on the premises and thus a warrant for the invasion of privacy is justified
repeat offenders who have relapsed into crime
failure to act with the prudence or care that an ordinary person would exercise
after an initial stay in prison prisoners serving the remainder of their sentences under supervision in the community
the effort to correct criminals antisocial attitudes and behavior
the party bringing a civil suit, usually a private person or institution
victimless crimes
crimes as protitution gambling, and illegal drug possession
while criminal law is concerned with public morality civil law deals with ?
private right and responsibilities
civil law in the united states is based in large part on__ that is based on ___
common law : precedent
under texas law an individual can lose the title to a homestead in a civil suit for which of the following reasons
delinquency on home equity loans
a court order to compare or prohibit specific actions is known as
an injunction
which of the following statements about texas right to work laws is true
because of restrictions in texas right to work laws the state is considered inhospitable to unions
what is tort reform
efforts to limit liability in civil cases
if texas were to institute a ____insurance plan costs for court trials involving automobile accident could be substantially reduced
no fault
when the government takes private property for public use it is called
eminent domain
which of the following is strictly within federal governments jurisdiction
crimes committed on the high seas
wether felonies or misdemeanors some criminologists consider such crimes as prostitution gambling and illegal drug possession as being
victimless crimes
statistically which of the following individuals is most likely to commit a crime
vince, 15 year old african male living below poverty line
nonviolent crimes including bribery tax fraud and embezzlement are called____ they are often committed by mire prosperous individuals
white-collar crime
which of the following accurately characterizes victims of crime in texas
latino male were the most likely to be murder victims
following proper legal procedures designed to promote justice and protect the individual from the government is called
due process
a court order requiring that the prisoner be presented in person and legal cause shown for imprisoment is called which of the following
writ of habeas corpus
when john was arrested for embezzling money from his company, he paid bail and was _____when he promise to appear for trial
released on personal recognizance
the legal system in the united states allows two parties to the case to present opposing views and evidence in a court of law. this is known as _____ system
an adversary
which of the following statement regarding sentencing of a defendant is true
deferred adjudication allows judges to postpone final sentencing in criminal cases
what can be said of texas rehabilitation and punishment system
texas has put a larger percentage of its population in prison than almost any other state yet it still has one of the nations highest crime rates
a recidivist is a criminal
who commits another crime after having been incarcerated
according to your text what is the reason that most criminals are never punished for the crimes they commit in texas
most crimes are never reported
in what region of the country do most prisoner executions take place
the southern states
compared to the states without capital punishment the murder rate in states with capital punishment has
been consistently greater
regarding the various types of clemency if a prisoner receives a reprieve he or she is
granted a temporary interruption of punishment
4th amendment
the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses , papers and effect, against unreasonable searched and seizures shall not be violated
5th amendment
remain silent, double jeopardy
6th amendment
the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial , attorney
the eight amendment
prohibiting the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishment
council manager form of government
a form of government in which an elected city council makes laws and hires a professional administrator who is responsible for both executiong council policies and managing the day to day operation of city government and who serves at the pleasure of the council
political culture
a political ideology marked by the belief in limited role for government
a political ideology marked by the advocacy of positive government action to improve the welfare of individuals government regulation of the economy, support for civil rights and tolerance for social change
party polarication
moralistic culture
individualistic culture
traditionalist culture
a political subculture that views government as an institution to maintain the dominant social and religious values
size and diversity of the state
mexican factories where u.s corporations employ inexpensive mexican labor for assembly and piecework
white primary
the practice of excluding african americans from primary elections in the texas democratic party
10th amandment
13th amendment
15th amendment
griswold v conneticut 1965
roe v wade
lawrence v texas
hernandez v texas
brown v. board of education
loving v virginia
obergefell v hodges
unitary system
confederal system
federal system
delegated powers
expressed powers
implied powers
necessary and proper clause
reserve powers
concurrent powers
supremacy clause
dual federalism
cooperative federalism
coercive federalism
categorial grants
jim crow laws
state policies
federa grants in aids
affordable care act
community property
common law
history of Texas constitutions
constitution of 1869
E.j. Davis
constitution of 1876
summary of texas constitution
articticles I-vi
function of branches
separation pf powers
check and balances
biennial regular session
special session
plural executive
line item veto