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Societal Issues

An application designed to search for viruses and repair files on a computer.
Program or software.
acceptable use policy
A set of rules and guidelines that are set up to regulate Internet use and to protect the user.
The main chip that allows computers to do millions of calculations per second and makes it possible for users to write letters and balance your checkbook.
To give reference to the creator and source of the information used in a presentation.
Technology that prevents users from visiting inappropriate web sites, and protects the network from unauthorized users.
Software written and then donated to the public, so anyone is free to copy it and share it with their friends. This is not the same as shareware or commercial software, which is supposed to be paid for.
An unauthorized person who secretly gains access to computer files.
online safety
Precautions taken to protect personal information and images from being misused by others.
A code for the security protection to allow access to a computer or the computer programs.
public domain
Software written and then donated to the public. Anyone can use and copy public domain software free of charge, but it is not always the same quality as commercial software.
Protection of computer, computer files or a computer network from use without permission of the owner or owners.
A special computer used to store programs and files, and then sends it out to other computers one or all at a time.
Software that can be tried before you purchase.
stand alone computer
A computer that does not rely upon any other computer or server to work.
The intentional act of destroying computer files or computer networks.
A computer program designed to damage computer files.
A computer file designed to do damage that goes through a computer and possibly a network