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US History 4-1

Religion in the American Colonies, People
James Blair
Anglican missionary
helped found William and Mary College
Thomas Bray
promoted missionary efforts for the colonies
Roger Williams
founded first Baptist church in America
George Fox
founded Quakers or Society of Friends
Francis Makemie
Father of American Presbyterianism
Henry Mulhenberg
Father of American Lutheranism
John Huss/Jan Hus
led group of persecuted believers in Bohemia
Jonathan Edwards
greatest theologian of the Great Awakening
John Eliot
missionary to Algonquin Indians
translated devotional works and Bible into Algonquin language
David Brainerd
missionary who worked among Indians in Massachusetts
David Zeisberger
Moravian missionary to Indians in Pennsylvania
Theodore Frelinghuysen
Dutch Reformed pastor who preached about practical Christian living
Gilbert Tennent
Presbyterian minister who preached about the need for conversion and holy living
George Whitefield
Great Awakening's outstanding evangelist
Shubal Stearns
Baptist; established Sandy Creek Baptist Church in Randolph County NC
Samuel Davies
Presbyterian who took revival to Virginia
Samuel Doak
Presbyterian circuit rider in East Tennessee

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