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7th Grade General - Conflict, Foreshadowing, Suspense

a struggle between opposing or opposite forces. (Conflict CAUSES the action in a novel or story, that's what makes it important)
Internal Conflict
a conflict that takes place within the mind of a character. (Person vs. Self)
External Conflict
when a character struggles with an outside force. (Person vs. Person, Person vs. Machine, Person vs. Nature, Person vs. Supernatural, Person vs. Society)
What are the five types of external conflict?
Person vs. Person, Person vs. Machine, Person vs. Nature, Person vs. Supernatural, Person vs. Society
a story written to be performed by actors. (The script of a drama is made up of dialogue and stage directions) http://quizlet.com/1365020
Dramas are divided into different parts. What are they called?
Dramas are divided into parts called acts. The acts are often divided into smaller parts called scenes.
Stage Directions
notes included in drama to describe how the work is to be performed. (how the set is designed, how actors should speak or act, or where actors should stand or move on stage)
a conversation between characters. In a play, the dialogue is written right next to a character's name.
when an author gives clues or hints as to what will happen later in the story.
Excitement, nervousness, or anticipation resulting from an uncertain or mysterious situation. http://quizlet.com/1365020
(adj.) - nervous, confused. "After Nag tried to attack him, Darzee was very flustered and upset."
(adv.) - as if lacking energy; slow "When I wake up in the morning I move sluggishly and slowly."
(n.) - aggreement. "When I said that kids should be allowed to use iPods in school, my students said "Yes!" in assent."
(adv.) - Firmly and steadily "The little boy asked his mother for ice cream very persistently."
(adj.) - bodly resisting. "I will NOT do my homework." the boy said defiantly."
(n.) - a change of form. "Caterpillars go through a metamorphosis to become a butterfly."
(n.) - not being able to sleep "Some nights I suffer from insomnia and cannot sleep."
(n.) - person or group blamed for the mistakes or crimes of others. "During World War II, Hitler made Jews his scapegoat for all that was wrong with Germany."
(v.) - blaming. "The boy was accused of stealing cookies from the cookie jar."
(n.) - outbreak of a contagious disease. "Currently, the swine flu is becoming an epidemic." http://quizlet.com/1365020
(adv.) - clearly; obviously "After throwing up on my floor, I could evidently see that my dog was sick."
(v.) - begin; start "I stood and commenced pledging to the flag." http://quizlet.com/1365020
(n.) -Person who flees home or country to seek shelter from war or cruelty "In the past few years, many people who live in Sudan have been fleeing the country as refugees.
Concentration Camps
(n.) - Work and death camps created by Hitler in WWII for Jews, Polish people, Communists, and many others. "During World War II, many people died in Concentration Camps."