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Which of the following media has probably been used the most to make drawings

graphite pencil

The two broad categories into which traditional drawing materials are typically divided are

dry and liquid media

Which of the following works of art was created with a liquid drawing medium

Dahilas, Pomegranates, and Palm by Henri Matisse

In art, pigment is

all of these: the colored material mixed with a binder for drawing; a material ground from organic or chemical substances; and the basis for the range of colors available in crayons, pastels, and chalks

Artists use charred wood in order to produce

charcoal drawings

Pastel is made up of

pigment bound with a non-greasy binder

Applying water-diluted ink to a drawing surface with a brush creates

a wash

Which medium incolces drawing with a fine wire onto a coated surface


Dega's Dancer Adjusting Her Slipper is

All these answers - a preliminary study for painting, a dry-media drawing, a 19th century artwork, a part of Dega's visual inventory

paper was invented in


Artists use burned sticks of wood in order to produce

charcoal drawings

In drawing, when the quality of a single line changes from thick to thin, it is referred to as


Edgar Degas drew a grid over his study of a dancer in order to

make the drawing easier to copy

The ____ are credited with the invention of paper around 105 CE


The predecessor of the graphite pencil, expecially popular during the Renaissance is


The coloring material in virtually all drawing media is known as


Which of the following media is the most forgiving of mistakes and changes of decision

graphite pencil

Historically in silverpint, lines were drawn with a silver onto a surface coated with bond dust


Sol Lewitt's Wall Draing #912 is an example of

conceptual art

Elizabeth Murray created Shake using ____ as her mudium


The main difference between crayons and chalks is that

they are made with different binders

The ability to rework a drawing indefinitely using ____ distinguishes this medium from all other drawing media


The style used by Georges Seurat in Cafe concert is


An example of a liquid medium in drawing is

pen and ink

The brush, as used by artists like Yosa Buson, produces a line quality that varies in thickness and is often described as


In a time when most artists worked in color, _____ concentrated in black and white

Kathe Kollwitz

The abillity to draw with light is accomplished by using


Pablo Picasso's study for Guernicacan best be described as _____ drawings


Jennifer Barlett created her drawing Untitled, 1986 using


Pen and ink was the favorite sketching medium of _____, one of the greatest draftsmen of the 174th century


What do the drawing in Jonathan Borofsky's exhibitions have in common with the earliest drawings known to exist

both are drawn directly on the wall

Because this 20th century artist dated most of his drawings over the cource of his lifetime, we have nearly a complete visual record of his mind at work


A chalk technique used by Antoine Watteau in the 18th century and illustrated in this chapter is called

three colors

Francesco Clemente's She and she in pastel shows the artist's use of a _____ technique


Drawing is associated with the factors of intimacy and


Factors which contribute ot drawing's intimacy do not include

lack of spontaneity

The term _____ means beautiful writing


Metalpoint drawings feature a line which is

thin and delicate

The chief difference between chalks and crayons is that crayons have

greasy binder

Hokusai was particularly noted for his use of

calligraphic line

Killwitz used a few themes in her art, including

war and death

An artist who uses new drawing techniques is _____, who uses _____

Kockney / faxes

The purpose of drawing include: preliminary study, _____, and _____

illustration / expression

The ancient Maya wrote on a paperlike substance which was then bound into a manuscript called a


An illustrator whose drawings revealed his unique style was


Children's book illustration has been influenced by the work of


Ink diluted with water is called a


Seurat used _____ in drawing to approximate his pointillism in painting

Conte crayon

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