Windows 7 Chapter 2 True/False

A program is a set of computer instructions that carries out a task on the computer.
A file name can contain up to 300 characters, including spaces.
False: only up to 255 characters
To associate a file with a program, Windows 7 assigns an extension to the file name, consisting of a period followed by two or more characters.
False: 3 or more characters
Using the Rich Text Format will allow you to use all of WordPad's features, including formatting options.
Windows 7 creates a unique Documents library for each computer user.
When Small, Medium, or Large icon views are selected, Windows 7 provides a live preview option.
False: only Medium, Large, and Extra Large
You can group the files by any of the options on the Group by submenu, except Type and Size.
False: Type and Size are included
When you right-drag, a shortcut menu opens and lists the available options.
A shortcut icon is the actual document or program.
False: it is NOT the actual document or program
In addition to placing a folder shortcut on the Start menu, you also can place a shortcut to other objects.