AP US History Test 1 Enduring Vision Review

By the 1500s the nuclear family unit was becoming increasingly important among...
Western Europeans
THe beginnings of representative government in the European settlements in North America can be found in...
Virginia, when, in 1619, the company provided for election of an assembly by the inhabitants
The financing of the Virginia settlement came from
a joint-stock company
Which European settlement was fur trading with the Hurons and other tribes the primary economic activity?
New France
The great majority of sixteenth-century Europeans were
The primary aim of the explorations of Balboa, Magellan, Verrazano, and Cartier was to find
a water passage through the Americans and reach Asia
conquered the Aztecs, built Mexico City
Hernt Corts
found the Grand Canyon, plundered the New Mexico pueblos
Francisco Coronado
explored the St. Lawrence, made an early French attempt to colonize in North America
Jacques Cartier
served as the cross-roads for trade goods from Europe, Africa, and Asia
Mediterranean Sea
not a wealthy West African kingdom
This society lies in the roots of important parts of modern American culture
sub-Saharan Africa
an era of intense artistic and intellectual creativity that looked to the classical age of Greece and Rome
This idea placed responsibility on the upper class to act with restraint in Europe
Aztec empire at the time of the Spanish arrival is best described as
the great wealth of the Aztec empire made it a tempting target for the Spanish
the vast movement of peoples, plants, animals, and microbes between the Old and New Worlds
Columbian Exchange
He thought the natives in the Western Hemisphere could be Christianized and become good servants
Major difference between Separatist and non-Separatist Puritans was over
advocacy or rejection of a state church
When people of 16th & 17th century Europe spoke of a "little commonwealth", they were referring to
the family unit and the role of fathers, mothers, and children within that unit
The area that had the longest life expectancy and the fastest growing population growth through natural increase was
New England
The first colony in English America that had separation of church and state and practiced religious tolerance was
Rhode Island
Harvard College was chartered in 1636 primarily to
train learned Congregational ministers
A man's right to vote for governor and members of the General Court in seventeenth-century Massachusetts was based on
church membership
The greatest extremes of inequality in land ownership in the seventeenth century were found in
the West Indies
This was adopted because too few second and third generation Puritans were willing to testify publicly about their conversion experiences
Half-Way Covenant
These two colonies had the most ethnically, religiously, and racially diverse population in North America
New Netherland, New York
The great majority of those arriving in Virginia between 1630 and 1700 were
British indentured servants
Slaves were a majority of the population in which English colony
the primary purpose of colonies was to provide raw materials for the mother country and to serve as markets for manufactured goods
doctrine of mercantilism
this was triggered by Spanish attempts to suppress traditional religion
Pueblo Revolt of 1680
placed control of the church in the hands of the male "saints" of the congregation
New England congregationalism
most fundamental threat to the Puritan social order
The market economy
What was the most important factor in France's ability to hold its vast North American domain against Spanish and English expansion
Good relations with the Native Americans
Bacon's Rebellion stemmed from violent attacks of
poor white settlers against Native Americans
Which crop changed the British West Indies from a society of independent small landowners utilizing white servant labor to a society of large plantation owners utilizing black slave labor?
1st successful colony under King James, VA company
came from Europe for a chance at a new life but had to pay a price
indentured servants
first representative self-government
House of Burgesses
Both kicked out for having new religious ideas; both in Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson, Roger Williams
1670s; major fighting between New England and the Indians for power and land
King Philip's War
Demanded American Indians living on treaty-protected land to be killed ro driven out
Bacon's Rebellion
education in Massachusetts, development of primary schools
Old Deluder laws
government intervenes in economy to increase national wealth
British Colonies vs. New France
French and Indian War
During American Revolution, major defeat for American forces
Battle of Quebec
tax on all printed products
Stamp Act
punish Massachusetts and strengthen British control
Intolerable/Coercive Acts
shadow government and organized by Patriot leaders on the eve of the American Revolution
Committees of Correspondence
organized by merchants in opposition to Stamp Act
Non-importation agreements
colonists needed representation by region not parliament
Virtual representation
caused French to side with the British
Battle of Saratoga
Black slaves made up a greater proportion of the population than they had in 1700
Anglo-American colonies
hoped Georgia would be a place for the rehabilitation of English debtors and a barrier to Spanish expansion northward
James Oglethorpe
created by James II to consolidate his hold on the northern colonies and eliminate their colonial assemblies
Dominion of New England
required British-American colonists to ship their tobacco, rice, and naval stores to England
Navigation Acts
Essential a fraud perpetrated on the Delaware Indians, depriving them of vast amounts of land
Walking Purchase
believed in a God who had created a perfect universe and then allowed it to operate according to natural laws
Both the Proclomation of 1763 and the Wuebec Act of 1774
interfered with colonial claims to western lands
was not implemented because of opposition by colonial legislatures, but it set a precedent for future plans to unite the British mainland colonies
Albany Plan of Union
Primary purpose of the Committees of Correspondance
link the colonies together
Thomas Jefferson expresses the conflict between the colonies and England in universal terms through this
Declaration of Independence