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that is

Melissa always thought that it would be fun to live alone,__ __ , until she had to start paying her own bills.


The salad is very __ if you don't pour enough salad dressing onto it.


The hot chocolate will be __ if you don't stir in the powder well enough.


We ate some __ lemon pie for dessert.


Vanilla is her favorite __, and she puts it in almost everything she bakes.


The chips were very __ and they made us thirsty!


Mexican food from some parts of the country uses lots of __ jalapeño peppers.


The pie was __ and black on the bottom.


I never thought I would like to eat __ fish, but I love sushi!


This cotton blanket has a smooth, soft __, but that wool blanket has a rough texture.


Rafael took a huge __ of his hot dog and almost choked!


Lynn likes to drink very __ tea, and usually puts three or four teaspoons of sugar into her teacup.


This lemonade is too __! We need to put more sugar in it.


After his illness, he didn't enjoy eating as much because he had lost a lot of his taste __ and he couldn't taste his food as well as before.


Those cookies are really __! May I please have another one?


I tried to get you a reservation at your favorite restaurant for your birthday, but there weren't any tables available. But it's the __ that counts, right?

to stir

to mix a liquid or other substance by moving an object such as a spoon in a circular pattern

to bake

to cook inside a cooker, without using added liquid or fat

wool blanket

cotton blanket

to choke

stop breathing because something is blocking your throat

a teaspoon

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