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  1. Arlington Woman, Santa Rosa Island 13-11k BP
  2. Kennewick Man, SE Washington State on Columbia River, 12900BP
  3. Extraterrestrial Impact 12,900k BP
  4. Excavated Ushki, Eastern Siberia
  5. found alfred kroeber, Salvage Ethnographer
  6. Meadowcraft Rockshelter, Western Pennsylvania, 14k BP

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  1. John P. HarringtonSalvage Ethnographer, Rosario Cooper 1916, Arroyo Grande, Ca


  2. Paul S. MartinExcavated Kow Swamp, Australia


  3. Dennis Stanford & Bruce BadleyColonization from Europe, Atlantic Maritime theory


  4. Alan Thornefound alfred kroeber, Salvage Ethnographer


  5. Roy FirestoneExtraterrestrial Impact 12,900k BP


  6. Wolpoff et al.The Multi Regional Theory


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