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The substance in which the paint is suspended is called the


To prepare the painting surface, an artist usually applies a


Oil paint applied in very thin layers is called

a glaze

The most common medium for oil paint is

linseed oil

For encaustic, the medium or binder is made of

hot wax

The most celebrated frescoes of the 20th century were from


Creating a composition by gluing paper or fabric onto a surface is called


Before oil paints were introduced, artists in Europe used ____ as their preferred medium

egg tempera

A thick application of paint onto a canvas or other support is called

an impasto

Gouache is a watercolor medium into which _____ has been added

an inert white pigment

Considered one of the leading figures in 20th-century American art, the painter _____ studied at the Harlem Art Workshop and was one of many prominent artists to work for the WPA during the Great Depression

Jacob Lawrence

The 20th-century master of the fresco technique who created the work Mixteca Cultura is

Diego Rivera

What is pigment in paint

powdered color

Which of the following is an example of a nonaqueous medium

oil paint

The painting technique used in the 1st century in Egypt, Greece and Rome that involves the use of wax is


In buon fresco, or true fresco, pigment is mixed with water and applied to

wet plaster

After building a canvas and before painting it, a painter generally applies a coat of


In fresco painting, a drawing called a _____ is transferred to the prepared surface prior to applying the pigment


Which 20th-century artist used tempera to create the painting That Gentleman

Andrew Wyeth

An example of "classic" watercolor technique

John Singer Sargent's Mountain Stream

Two ancient painting media that are still in use today are

encaustic and fresco

In oil painting, linseed oil acts as

a binder

The first acclaimed artist to understand and exploit oil painting was

Jan van Eyck

One of the advantages of oil painting is that it dries very slowly. This allows for

All of the above

_____ is watercolor that has been made opaque by adding inert white pigment to it


By the 1950s this new synthetic paint would replace oils as the principle painting medium. What is it?


Pope Julius II employed which two Italian Renaissance artists to paint frescos for him

Michelangelo and Rapheal

Picasso and Braque, working side-by-side, glued bits of paper and other objects onto canvas to create


A nonaqueous paint is one that

dissolves in something other than water

Which 20th-century artist used egg tempera to create the painting Braids

Andrew Wyeth

An example of "classic" watercolor technique is

Homer's Shore and Surf, Nassau

Empress Theodora and Retinue is

a Byzantine mosaic

The medium in paint is also referred to as the


The solvent lets the paint


A painting support generaly needs a preliminary coating called a


Encaustic media means the pigment is suspended in


Fresco painting are done on


Two famous fresco artists were Rivera and


Two famous artists who used tempera were Wyeth and


Gouache is watercolor with _____ added


One advantage of oil paint is that it can

be used both thickly and thinly

Alice Neel is particularly noted for her


Synthetic paints have a base of


Collages are done by _____ various materials


Colored clay tiles are often used in


The first collage was done by


Frankenthaler's Nature Abhors a Vacuum shows the staining capability of _____ paint


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