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  1. register
  2. invalid
  3. poach
  4. rubble
  5. murky
  1. a dark, cloudy or gloomy
  2. b A sick injured person, especially someone ill for a long time.
  3. c To trespass on private property in order to hunt or fish.
  4. d fragments of stone or other material left after the destruction or decay of a building.
  5. e To comprehend; be aware.

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  1. In Bible, the ship built by Noah to survive the flood.
  2. moving forces, swerving or lurching
  3. rough and poorly made
  4. unsteady, insecure
  5. soaked in water

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  1. unexplainablenot able to make something clear or easy to understand


  2. unconsciousnot awake


  3. incrediblyamazed, astonished


  4. wanstretched tight


  5. sluicewaystylish or smart in appearance