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7th Grade World Studies, Chapter 18: World War II


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Francisco Franco
A general in Spain; overthrew republican government & imposed a facist dictatorship in Spain
An emperor that came to power & made many military decisions
Maintained loyalty towards Hirohito
Germany & Austria
Couldn't form an alliance
Communist Russia
Germany and Japan fighting against this country
Pearl Harbor
Japan's surprise attack on this American naval base; December 7, 1941
Hitler decided to allow this German Air Force to wipe out the Allied force
Erwin Rommel
A general that Hitler sent out with German troops to rescue the Italians
Midway Island
Where Japan planned to attack after American forces found it
June 6, 1944; Allies invaded France
Battle of the Bulge
Hitler's last battle; failed attempt to defeat the Allies
V-E Day
May 8, 1945; victory in Europe
V-J Day
September 2, 1945; Japanese and Allied forces signed documents that ended Japanese involvement in W.W.II
Spread rapidly in Eastern Europe after war
Cold War
Political rivalry that stops short of actual war
Attempts to destroy all Jews in Europe