Us flag

What do the stripes represent
There are 13 stripes represents 13 colonies
What do the stars represent
50 states
What do the colors of the flag mean
Red = courage white= purity blue= justice
Stripes represent the _________
Stars represent___________
Who approved the first official flag and when
Continental congress June 14 1777
Who sewed the first flag
Betsy ross
What is the flag nickname
Old glory
When is flag day?
August 3, 1949 June 14th
Who was the last state added when and how many stars are there now?
Hawaii July 4, 1960
If the flag is displayed at _________ then it should be __________
At night, it should be illuminated
Never allow the flag to
Touch the floor
When displayed on a wall or window the blue field should be in
The left corner
The flag should be raised_______ and lowered_______
Raised quickly and lowered ceremoniously
How do you show respect if Someone dies?
Put it half-staff
How should it be treated?
As a person
Where should it be in a group of flags?
Should be in the center and the highest
When should it be displayed
Open from sunrise to sunset
Should never be used or worn as
Wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery
Should not be stored in a place which could be torn or ripped easily
Should never be used for
Advertising purposes
When in bad condition should be destroyed in a dignified way like?
Burning it