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  1. night of power
  2. Caliphate
  3. thousand and one nights
  4. minaret
  5. zaidites
  1. a the celebration of the beginning of the revlatory experiences of muhammad as he received the Qur'an
  2. b the succession of caliphs, leaders of sunni islam. The instution was terminated by the Turkish Republic in 1922. Attempts to revive was unsuccesful
  3. c Also known as the Arabian Nights. Vast collection of stories about life and fantasy in medieval Islam. (Aladdin and his magic lamp)
  4. d a shiite movement that follows their own fifth imam. Zayd
  5. e
    the tower of a mosque from which the call to prayer is made five times each day

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  1. The people; the community. Used by Muslims to identify the community of Islam, ideally undivided, although from the earliest days of ummah has been split.
  2. The letters of the consonantal root upon which the word ISLAM and MUSLIM is built. This is the same semitic root upon which the word "peace" (shalom) is built. Its primary meaning for Muslims is "surrender"
  3. cousin and son-in law of muhammad, he is considered by shi`ite to have been the proper successor to muhammad
  4. ("party") the largest minority, they maintain that valid leadership lies in the imam, a direct descendant of muhammad, through his daughter fatima and her husband ali.

  5. Muslims are expected to journey to Mecca in one's lifetime. The pilgrimage occurs over a six-day period in the last month of the year, and involves a complex set of rituals around Mecca

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  1. hijab("struggle") The personal struggle of a Muslim in the way of piety, or the militant struggle to defend and extend Islam. Commonly called "Holy War"


  2. the five pillarsMuhammad's fav. color (the color of his turban) and is often the color of flags of muslim nations. Also, garments to be worn in paradise are said to be green.


  3. imam("he who stands before") the leader of shiite community, in contrast to the caliph of the sunnis.


  4. fatwa
    ("cube") a pre-islamic cubed building in mecca believed by muslims to have been built by Abraham. It is the center of the Muslim Pilgrimage


  5. id al-adha"The Feast of the Sacrifice"or the "Great Feast". It marks the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca. Muslims offer a sacrifice on this occasion, commemorating Abraham's "sacrifice" of Ishmael.


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