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  1. fatwa
  2. imam
  3. SLM
  4. circumcision
  5. sufis
  1. a The letters of the consonantal root upon which the word ISLAM and MUSLIM is built. This is the same semitic root upon which the word "peace" (shalom) is built. Its primary meaning for Muslims is "surrender"
  2. b a legal opinion by a qualified jurist, clarifying a disputed point of law. In practice, a fatwa is treated as having force of law
  3. c practices vary, but male children are cicumcised from four years old or older
  4. d Mystical movement of islam. their name comes from the plain woolen garment they wore. One well-known group of Sufis are the Whirling Dervishes. (
  5. e ("he who stands before") the leader of shiite community, in contrast to the caliph of the sunnis.

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  1. the more traditional form, making up about 85% of Islam. They consider that valid leadership of islam lies in a caliph of muhhammad's tribe
  2. in purpose, like the kosher labels used by Jews. An "M" is enclosed in a circle with a crescent
  3. (Mawlid) Celebration of Muhammad's Birthday DUHHH
  4. (1058-1111) a leading intellectual who became a sufi convert. He challenged the independence of philosophy emphasizing the need of revelation
  5. Muhammad established his first Islamic government there after fleeing from Mecca

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  1. Abbasid(750-1258) the 500-year Muslim empire that overthrew the umayyads. Its capital was bagdad. Led by descendents of Muhammad`s uncle al-Abbas


  2. pilgrimagejourney to a sacred place, done as a religious act


  3. mahdia puritanical sunni reform movement founded in 1746. They opposed Sufi interest in saints and rejected as heresy previously accepted interpretations of Islam.


  4. Prayer (salat)a tax on possessions and various levels of taxes in agriculture produce. the tax is used for poor relief and religious purposes, such as education and building of mosques


  5. friday noon prayerthe celebration of the beginning of the revlatory experiences of muhammad as he received the Qur'an