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  1. dhimmis
  2. ayatollah
  3. hijab
  4. muslim
  5. akbar
  1. a attempted to establish a new religion based on elements of various religions
  2. b ("one who surrenders") The term for an adherent to Islam
  3. c ("protected persons") In Islamic countries, Jews and Christians are permitted to practice their religion as dhimmis, after paying a special tax
  4. d ("sign of Allah") in shiite tradition, a few very pious and learned men have the authority of the Imam
  5. e
    the scarf or head covering worn by most muslim women

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  1. When Islam discouraged pictorial art, handwriting became an art, feat. words from the Quran.
  2. practices vary, but male children are cicumcised from four years old or older
  3. ("to go out, leave") Early supporters of Ali, who withdrew their loyalty when Ali agreed to submit his leadership claim to arbitration
  4. Five main duties of a muslim 1. confession (only one god) 2. prayer or worship (five times a day) 3. Alms (to the poor) 4. Fasting (during the month of Ramadan) 5. Pilgrimage (to Mecca)
  5. in purpose, like the kosher labels used by Jews. An "M" is enclosed in a circle with a crescent

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  1. the revival of the religious scienceA book by Al-Ghazali, helped to renew Islam by emphasizing the necessity of religious experience.


  2. night journeythe celebration of the beginning of the revlatory experiences of muhammad as he received the Qur'an


  3. prayer matused by muslims at prayer. The mat is designed to be pointed in the direction of Mecca


  4. friday noon prayer(Miraj) Celebration of Muhammad's journey (ascension) to heaven from Jerusalem.


  5. kaba
    ("cube") a pre-islamic cubed building in mecca believed by muslims to have been built by Abraham. It is the center of the Muslim Pilgrimage