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  1. islam
  2. Mongol
  3. surah
  4. muhammad's birthday
  5. sultan
  1. a (Mawlid) Celebration of Muhammad's Birthday DUHHH
  2. b chapter (of Quran)
  3. c ("surrender") the term for the religion of Muslims
  4. d (1206-1481) Largest world empire prior to the Soviet Union. Rapidly expanded in the 1200s, overthrowing most nations from the pacific to the Danube, including Abbasid Empire.
  5. e ("ruler") First used for semi-autonomous rulers under the Abbasids. Later became a term for ruler of many Islamic states.

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  1. in purpose, like the kosher labels used by Jews. An "M" is enclosed in a circle with a crescent
  2. a legal opinion by a qualified jurist, clarifying a disputed point of law. In practice, a fatwa is treated as having force of law

  3. ("cube") a pre-islamic cubed building in mecca believed by muslims to have been built by Abraham. It is the center of the Muslim Pilgrimage
  4. ("one who surrenders") The term for an adherent to Islam
  5. (570-632) Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last of the prohpets of god, such as abraham, moses, and jesus

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  1. medinaMuhammad established his first Islamic government there after fleeing from Mecca


  2. Abbasid(750-1258) the 500-year Muslim empire that overthrew the umayyads. Its capital was bagdad. Led by descendents of Muhammad`s uncle al-Abbas


  3. the color greenMuhammad's fav. color (the color of his turban) and is often the color of flags of muslim nations. Also, garments to be worn in paradise are said to be green.


  4. akbarattempted to establish a new religion based on elements of various religions


  5. wahhabiin shiite tradition, the hidden imam who will return at the end of the world