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  1. surah
  2. SLM
  3. jerusalem
  4. Muhammad
  5. sultan
  1. a ("ruler") First used for semi-autonomous rulers under the Abbasids. Later became a term for ruler of many Islamic states.
  2. b chapter (of Quran)
  3. c The letters of the consonantal root upon which the word ISLAM and MUSLIM is built. This is the same semitic root upon which the word "peace" (shalom) is built. Its primary meaning for Muslims is "surrender"
  4. d the third most holy city of Islam. Muslims believe that it was here that abraham offered ishmael as a sacrafice and that muhammad ascended to heaven
  5. e (570-632) Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last of the prohpets of god, such as abraham, moses, and jesus

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  1. ritual prayer offered at five specific times of the day: dawn, noon, afternoon, evening, and twilight. Muslims pray facing mecca.
  2. ("God is Greatest") the audible symbol of islam. pronounced in dailiy prayers but also on numerous other occasions
  3. ("the Abode of Islam") those lands in which islam is dominant and muslim law prevails
  4. attempted to establish a new religion based on elements of various religions
  5. string of ______ consists of one hundred beads, divided into 3 sections. Used for the ninety-nine names of God.

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  1. minaret
    the tower of a mosque from which the call to prayer is made five times each day


  2. crescent and star
    The most recognized symbol of Islam in the modern world, not an official symbol. Borrowed from christian Constantinople by the conquering Ottomans.


  3. yathribMedina; the city in which Muhammad and his followers went for safety/refuge when they were removed from Mecca. This event is referred to as Hijra (emigration)


  4. thousand and one nightsAlso known as the Arabian Nights. Vast collection of stories about life and fantasy in medieval Islam. (Aladdin and his magic lamp)


  5. id al-fitr"The Festival of Fast Breaking" or the "Small Feast". 2 or 3 day event marking the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan.