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  1. quraysh
  2. ayatollah
  3. Sunni
  4. Quran/ Koran
  5. mecca
  1. a ("sign of Allah") in shiite tradition, a few very pious and learned men have the authority of the Imam
  2. b the pre-islamic center of trade and religion for arabs, which muhammad reformed into a center of monotheism
  3. c tribe that controlled mecca
  4. d ("recitation") The Islamic Scripture, consisting of 114 Chapters of material that muhammad recorded during twenty-three years of religious experiences.
  5. e the more traditional form, making up about 85% of Islam. They consider that valid leadership of islam lies in a caliph of muhhammad's tribe

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  1. the succession of caliphs, leaders of sunni islam. The instution was terminated by the Turkish Republic in 1922. Attempts to revive was unsuccesful
  2. "The Festival of Fast Breaking" or the "Small Feast". 2 or 3 day event marking the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan.
  3. used by muslims at prayer. The mat is designed to be pointed in the direction of Mecca
  4. the celebration of the beginning of the revlatory experiences of muhammad as he received the Qur'an
  5. ("God is Greatest") the audible symbol of islam. pronounced in dailiy prayers but also on numerous other occasions

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  1. zaidites("to go out, leave") Early supporters of Ali, who withdrew their loyalty when Ali agreed to submit his leadership claim to arbitration


  2. Mongol(1206-1481) Largest world empire prior to the Soviet Union. Rapidly expanded in the 1200s, overthrowing most nations from the pacific to the Danube, including Abbasid Empire.


  3. mahdicousin and son-in law of muhammad, he is considered by shi`ite to have been the proper successor to muhammad


  4. Abbasidattempted to establish a new religion based on elements of various religions


  5. medinacousin and son-in law of muhammad, he is considered by shi`ite to have been the proper successor to muhammad