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  1. minaret
  2. prayer beads / rosary
  3. prayer mat
  4. quraysh
  5. fatimid
  1. a tribe that controlled mecca
  2. b used by muslims at prayer. The mat is designed to be pointed in the direction of Mecca
  3. c (909-1171) a shiite dynasty in egypt, claiming descent from muhammad's daughter fatima
  4. d string of ______ consists of one hundred beads, divided into 3 sections. Used for the ninety-nine names of God.
  5. e
    the tower of a mosque from which the call to prayer is made five times each day

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  1. ("successor") the leader of the islamic community after muhammad. They were not considered divinely inspired indivduals for muhammad was the last prophet
  2. (570-632) Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last of the prohpets of god, such as abraham, moses, and jesus
  3. "The Festival of Fast Breaking" or the "Small Feast". 2 or 3 day event marking the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan.
  4. in shiite tradition, the hidden imam who will return at the end of the world
  5. (1058-1111) a leading intellectual who became a sufi convert. He challenged the independence of philosophy emphasizing the need of revelation

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  1. yathribMedina; the city in which Muhammad and his followers went for safety/refuge when they were removed from Mecca. This event is referred to as Hijra (emigration)


  2. medinathe pre-islamic center of trade and religion for arabs, which muhammad reformed into a center of monotheism


  3. new year's day(Mawlid) Celebration of Muhammad's Birthday DUHHH


  4. suraha scholar of one of the schools of laws in the sunni tradition


  5. calligraphyWhen Islam discouraged pictorial art, handwriting became an art, feat. words from the Quran.