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William Bradford

wrote "Of Plymouth Plantation"

Jonathan Edwards

wrote "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

Christopher Columbus

wrote "Journal of the First Voyage to America"

John Smith

wrote "The General History of Virginia"

Great Awakening

an attempt in the 1700s to revive the Puritan religion

St. Augustine, Florida

in 1565, first permanent European settlement in what later became the U.S.

Jamestown, Virginia

in 1607, first permanent English settlement in what later became the U.S.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

in 1620, founded by the travelers from the Mayflower


v. begged


v. calmed


v. stole


v. traveled


v. pretended, faked


n. death on a large scale


v. survived


adj. reluctant


n. danger


adj. various types


an individual's day-by-day account of events

slave narrative

autobiographical account of life as a slave

exploration narrative

firsthand account of the experiences of people such as the Europeans who trailblazed the Americas

origin myth

traditional story explaining how life began that is passed down from generation to generation

Puritan Plain Style

characterized by short words, direct statements, and references to ordinary everyday objects


broadly defined as a speech given from a pulpit in a house of worship


influenced by one's own perception of things


characterized by facts that are perceptible to persons other than the affected individual

William Byrd

wrote "The History of the Dividing Line"

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