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The Catcher in the Rye


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Where is the narrator (Holden Caulfield) when he writes his story about the "madman" time he had around last Christmas?
Jamestown, PA. He's in a meta institute telling his story.
How does he feel about his brother writing for Hollywood? What does he compare his brother to?
He doesn't like it too much, a Prostitute.
List one of the things he does not like about his school, Pencey Prep.
"Splendid and clear thinking" "No girls,
What kind of memory was Holden trying to remember about Pencey so he could say "good bye" to the place?
A good memory but he didn't really have any.
What mistake did Holden make with the equipment (foils) for the fencing team?
He left them on the Subway while looking at the map.
Holden goes to say goodbye to Mr. Spencer, Mr. Spencer tells him that life is a game with rules, and Holden agrees. What does Holden Really think?
It's a game if you get everything (when winning). What's the game about if you lose.
When will his parents learn that he has been "given the ax" or kicked out of school? When will he see them?
When the letter is delivered, after the letter comes.
What does spencer do that Holden calls a "dirty trick"? Why does Holden think that is unfair?
He makes him read his paper, because he didn't try and Mr. Spencer knows it.
Spencer asks Holden about the other schools he's been kicked out of- the Wooton school and Elkton Hills. Why did Holden quit working at Elkton Hills?
Because he doesn't like phonies
The dorm that Holden's room is in is named after a man named Ossenberger because this man gave Pencey Prep alot of money. What did this man do for a living? Why does Holden think Ossenberger is a phony?
He is a funeral director, does not do stuff with the bodies.
What had Holden purchased in N.Y. City when they got off the subway and discovered the foils were missing?
The red hunter cap
What does Stradlater ask Holden to do for him?
He asks him to write his descriptive paper, because he has a date.
How does Holden react when Stradlater says who his date is? Why do you think he reacts this way?
Holden likes her.
Who is Jane Gallagher?
neighbors with Holden, played checkers with Holden
Who is Ackley?
Also a senior, has Acne, skinny, nerdy, ugly, bad teeth, dirty nails.
Who is Stradlater?
He is Holden's roomate, he's a ladies man, he's and athlete, looks like a football player, sloppy.
Who is Old Spencer?
A wise old man, teacher, respected, and tough.
Why does Holden admire the fact that Jane Gallagher keeps her kings in the back row?
Because she liked the way that it looked.
Why doesn't Holden go down to see Jane Gallagher while she waits for Stradlater?
He's not in the mood to see her.
Why does Pencey Prep serve steak every Saturday night?
Because the parents come on Sunday and ask them what they had to eat.
Holden invites Ackley to the movies. What does this say about Holden's personality or his mood?
He doesn't have anything else to do.
What does Holden write Stradlaters descriptive composition about? Was this a good subject? Why or Why not?
Allies left handed call glove with poems written in green.
Who is Allie Caulfield?
Holden's little brother, red head, nicest one.
What did Allie die of, and how old was he when he died?
Leukemia, he was 11 years old.
What year was the book set in?
What did Holden do the night Allie died? What was his feeling?
He punched out all of the glass windows in the garage, he felt alone.
Holden begins the chapter by saying "some things are hard to remember" and then he explains that he can't remember clearly because he was so worried at the time. What was he worried about?
He was worried about Jane's date with Stradlater.
What does Stradlater think about the composition? What is Holden's reaction?
Stradlater doesn't like it and rips the paper up. Holden is mad about it.
Why does Holden smoke in the dorm room?
To tick off Stradlater because he ripped up the paper.
When Holden asks if Stradlater asked Jane if she still kept her kings in the back row, Stradlater says, "What the hell you think we did all night---play checkers, for Chrissake?" Give two reasons why this is mean.
Because if it's condescending and because he was worried for Jane.
What does Holden call Stradlater that finally convinces him to punch him?
A "Dirty, stupid son of a bitch of a moron"
Do you think Stradlater understands why Holden is so upset?
No, he does not.
With his nose bleeding, Holden steps into Ackley's room. Ackley wants to know what caused the fight. Does Ackley care that Holden is hurt? Why or Why not?
Not really, he just wants to know why Holden is still awake.
What does Holden think of when he looks out Ackley's Window?
He thinks about the ducks and about how lonely and depressed he is.
After leaving Ackley's room, Holden makes an important decision. What is it and what is his plan?
He decides to go to New York.
At the end of the chapter Holden is crying. He says he doesn't know why? Do you?
Because he is going to miss Pencey, he is good, and doesn't really know whats going on.
Why does Holden almost break his neck on the stairs?
Someone left peanut shells all over the stairs.
Holden decides to walk the forty-one blocks back to his hotel. What is the weather like?
It is freezing cold.
Once back at the hotel, what does Holden agree to despite that fact that it was "against my principles?" Why does he say he agreed?
To call a prostitute, practice for marriage.
Holden regrets that he stops when girls tell him to stop. Should he?
Yes, because he didn't get what he wanted.
On the train to New York a woman sits next to Holden. It turns out her son, Ernest Morrow, is a student at Pencey. What kind of person is he?
He is a jerk, he ran for president, she thinks he's a nice kid.
Why does Holden lie to her about her son?
Because he doesn't want to worry her.
Why does Holden lie when she asks him why he's going home early?
To not upset her.
What does Holden want to do when he gets to Penn Station in New York? Does he do it?
He wants to call Jane, but decides not to.
What does Holden ask the cab-driver? When was the last time he wondered this?
He talks about the ducks, when he was looking out Ackley's window.
Describe the people on the other side of the hotel?
Doing bizarre sex acts.
What was the sex rule Holden made and then broke the day he made it? Is his rule a good idea or not?
Don't mess with a woman you like and don't mess with a girl who is a pain in the butt. It is a good rule but he breaks it.
Holden calls Faith Cavendish. Why? Why is he mad at himself at the end of the chapter?
Because she was "easy" because he didn't make plans for later.
Who is Phoebe?
Whom does Holden meet in the lavender room? How old are they?
Three women in this room. Thirty year olds. They are waiting for celebrities to come. The girls are not interested.
What does he admire about the blonde? What is she interested in?
The blonde girl dances. She is interested in celebrities.
Holden thinks the girls are stupid because they don't take him seriously and don't keep up their part of the conversation. Do you think they're stupid? Why or Why not?
What is Holden's emotional state at the end of the chapter?
He goes to the bar to try and become happier, but he leaves upset.
Why do you think Jane doesn't answer her step-father?
holden is hanging out with her, and it seemed that Jane was afraid of her step dad and he asked her if he did anything to her.
What does Holden ask her about her step-father?
Does this chapter give you any insight into Holden's feeling for Jane? Does it explain why he is so worried about her date Stradlater?
He heard strander with a girl once and she yelling stop and he worries about Jane being with him.
Where does Holden decide to go next?
Ernie's; plays the piano
Who is Horowitz?
The cab guy, he is smart
How does Horowitz explain how the fish survive in the ice? What is the question he asks Holden before he drives off?
He explains that maybe fish get nutrients through pores in the water. He is thinking of the animals again.
Why does Holden Think Ernie is a phony?
because he takes a bow of thanks but he doesn't look at anyone. He does not appreciate anything.
Why does Holden hate the "Joe-Yale looking guy?"
He is preppy looking, and he says that he is talking about bad things with her, and he isn't taking her to a nice place.
Why does Holden have to leave?
He leaves and runs into lily who is DB's old girlfriend. He says he has to meet someone because he does not want to go out with her.
Who is Sunny?
Her voice is weird, she is not cheerful, she is young.
What happens between Sunny and Holden? What do they disagree about?
He says he had surgery, he just wants to talk to someone. She says i am leaving then. They disagree about money.
Why is Sunny "spooky?"
He ends up getting scared of her, and he is not that nice
After Sunny leaves whom does Holden talk to? What is he remembering?
Allie his dead brother. He is remembering a time when he left him out. He starts to release some the mean things he did.
Once in bed Holden feels like praying, but he can't. Why?
He is kinda an atheists so he does not know if Jesus exists.
Do you think Jesus would have sent Judas to hell? Why or Why not?
Judas did what he should of done. So he likes judas b/c nothing else would of happen in the world without him.
Who knocks on the door and why? What happens?
It is sunny and the elevator guy, they said they needed 5 more dollars. He starts to beat him up.
Why doesn't Holden jump out the window?
He thinks people would see him.
Who doesn't Holden telephone? Who does he call?
He uses her, she likes him more. At one point they do make arrangements.
Is Holden a snob because of his opinions about suitcases?
One was better than the other one. The boy would try and show off the nice one, and holden would take out the older one & he Holden was being a snob about it.
Who sits next to Holden at breakfast?
He goes to breakfast and sits next to two nuns..the one is an english teacher and the other one is a history teacher.
What does he wonder about the English teacher?
He talks to them about romeo and juliet, because he wonders what nuns think when the book talks about love.
When Holden compares the nuns to other women, how does he feel about them?
He feels that they can't look pretty and they can not go anywhere fancy. He puts money in bucket for them.
What does Holden buy for Phoebe?
A record for her, called little Shirley beans.
What is the little boy doing as he sings? What does he sing?
Little boy 6 or 7 walking on the curb trying to say balanced and singing a nursery rhyme. A field of rye and it is a cliff and they would fall off try to be catched to live. He likes to help people, so that would be a dream job for him. He wants to be the catcher in the rye.
Looking for Phoebe, Holden helps a kid in the park. How does he help her? What is it about the kids that Holden likes?
He goes to central park to try and look for his sister. A little kid is having issues with his skates, and holden helps him.
What is the "best thing" about the Natural History Museum?
It is one of his favorite places, and the best thing is nothing moves.
Holden thinks the museum is great, but he doesn't go in. Why?
He does not go in b/c he says that he is not in the mood, but he just explained the whole thing without going in.
What is depressing about watching the girls?
Holden is watching a bunch of girls and they make him upset b/c a guy can not be good enough for them.
How does Holden really feel about Sally? What does he want to do as soon as he sees her?
He says that she looks so beautiful. He says most of the time he does not like her except at this point.
What word does the Andover boy use that Holden despises?
He says she looks like an angel and when he hears it, he wants to puke. He says it is a fake and phony word.
Why does Sally want to go ice skating?
She wants to wear the skirt
Was Holden shouting when he was talking to Sally in the bar?
When he gets excited he talks louder and faster, it is hard for her to hear him. He says he has a plan for them. He says they can run away to massachusetts with her and then vermont and then get married and he will get a job working at a gas station
What fantastic idea does Holden suggest to Sally?
Go to massachusetts & vermont; holden can get a job; they can eventually marry
What does Holden regret saying?
"That she was a pain in the a$$"
Is the Christmas show at Radio City religious? Would Jesus like it?
The show is religious & he thinks that Jesus would want to puke.
Why isn't the woman at the movies kind-hearted?
She would not take a boy to the bathroom during the show.
Why was D.B. glad he didn't have to shoot anyone in world war 2?
He wouldn't know which direction to shoot in
What war duty does Holden want to volunteer for?
He would want to sit on the atomic bomb.
What kind of talks did Carli Luce give at the Wooton School?
He would give sex ed talks.
What does Holden wonder about Luce?
He wondered if carl was gay because he always sounded perverted
Holden tells Luce that something screws up his sex life. What is it?
Holden says that his rule is when he likes a girl he does not do anything with her.
What does Luce recommend to Holden?
Luce said that he should get looked at because something is probably something wrong with him
What does Holden do after Luce leaves?
He stays there and gets really drunk and he has not ate a lot.
What fantasy does he play out (for the second time?)
He thinks of violence and he thinks of this thing of when he is dying. He acts like he is dying
What doesn't Holden want to tell Jane?
That he wants to come over
Is Jane a good sport about it?
She does not care that he calls at 2;30 in the morning, put she is starting to think something wrong with him.
What does Holden put his head into and why? Was this a good idea?
He puts his head in really cold water because he was trying to feel normal again. It was not a good idea to be by water being so drunk
On his way to see where the ducks are, something "terrible" happens. What is it?
The record he bought for phoebe broke in his pocket
Holden decides he'll probably get pneumonia and die. What does that make him think about?
He thinks about if dies and what would happen with his family. Especially phoebe
Where does he decide to go and why?
He decides to go home and see her just in case something happens to him and he does not get to say goodbye.
What fantasy does he play out (for the second time?)