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Chapter 1,4,5

The epidermis is said to be___ stratified squamous epithelium


Any gland that has no duct that secretes directly into the blood is called ____ gland.


Hyaline cartilage is covered by fibrous connective tissue membrane called the____.


All the material that occurs outside the cell is called____ material.


Tendons are in a category called __________ connective tissue because all their fibers are more or less parallel and closely spaced

Dense Regular

A simple epithelium is one in which every cell reaches the _________.

basement membrane

All connective tissues consist of cells, fibers, and ___________.

Ground Substance

The cell body of a neuron usually has one axon and numerous _______ extending from it.


The growth of a tissue due to enlargement of its cells, but not involving the production of new cells, is called _______.


Glands that produce thin, watery secretions are called _______ glands.


The primary purpose of a fixative is to prevent tissue decay.


In a connective tissue, the extracellular matrix occupies more space than the cells do.


In an epithelium, there is no extracellular matrix.


Apoptosis is tissue growth through cell multiplication.


After a cartilage cell becomes trapped in a lacuna, it is called a chondrocyte.


A gland can be mucous or serous, but not both.


The word oste- pertains to bone.


As people get older, brown fat constitutes a greater percentage of their body weight.


There is a layer of areolar tissue immediately deep to the epidermis.


Most of the space within a cell is filled with interstitial fluid.


Each hair grows in an oblique epithelial tube called a____.


The holocrine glands of the skin secrete___.


Dead keratinized cells form the stratum ___ of the skin.


A deficiency in oxygen in the blood can rise to a skin color called___.


The finger nails are composed of the protein____.


Perspiration creates a low-pH film on the skin called___.

An acid mantle

Sweat is expelled by contractions of the __________ cells in the base of the gland


Axillary sweat glands are in a class called ________ glands after a former, mistaken belief about their mode of secretion.


Earwax is also called _________.


Jaundice can result from ingestion of large amounts of dietary carotene.


The margins of the lips are red because of high density of blood capillaries in the epidermis.


It is physiologically important for some ultraviolet light to penetrate the epidermis.


Oxygen cannot diffuse through the skin


Men and women have about the same average number of hairs per square centimeter on the face.


A man cannot inherit pattern baldness from his father of pass it down to his son, but he can pass it down to his daughter.


Apocrine sweat glands first develop at puberty.


Malignant melonoma is the most deadly and most common form of skin cancer.


Second-degree burns are painless because the sensory nerve endings are destroyed.


Basal and Squamous cell carcinomas are benign forms of skin cancer.


In thin skin, the ____ is absent

Stratum Lucidum of the epidermis

Which of the following correctly lists the level of human structural complexity from the smallest to the largest structural units?

Organelles-Cells-Tissues-Organs-Organ Systems-Organism

The smallest structural unit that biologists consider being alive are ___.


The presence of receptors and effectors is essential to which of the following characteristics of living organisms?


This primate trait is unusal among mammals

color vision

He invented the first useful compound microscope.


The microscope developed by Leeuwenhoek was most similar to today's

hand-held magnifying glasses

All new epidermal cells arise from

the stratum basale

The most similar negative feedback in human physiology.

A toilet tank that refills itself after a flush.

Cilia are most likely to be seen on ____ epithelium


A tissue specialized for energy storage and thermal insulation is ____.

Adipose Tissue

A decrease in the size of a tissue or organ is ___.


The internal lining of the esophagus and adult vagina is___.

a stratified squamous epithelium

Which type of epithelium is best suited for rapid filtration?

simple squamous

Tissue gel gets its viscous consistency from its ____.


Which is associated with touch?

Merkel Cells

Areolar tissue is found in the____.

Papillary Layer

Stretch marks result from ____.

torn collagen fibers

The fastest rate of mitosis is seen in ____.

the stratum basale

____ are single mucus-secreting cells found in the epithelia of many mucous memebranes.

Goblet Cells

A tissue most like the endothelium that lines the blood vessels is___.

The epithelium that lines the esophagus.

The epithelium that lines the stomach and the intestines is ____.

simple columnar

The ultimate fate of an epidermal kertatinocyte is described by the term ____.


What is not a human organ system?


The gel of the extracellular matrix is composed mostly of water and _____.


The only type of cell seen in a tendon is____.


The shape of a persons ear is due mainly to____.

Elastic Cartilage

A____ is a patch where two cells are physically joined together.


The secretory cells of a gland are supported by a connective tissue framework called the ____.


Glands that produce a thick, sticky secretion are called ___ glands.


A tissue with closely spaced cells and no blood vessels is_____.


The only type of muscle with multinucleated fibers is ____.

Skeletal Muscle

The abnormal death of a tissue is called____.


In cold weather, ____ may occur from reduced blood circulation through the skin.


An epidermal cell with an immunological function

Langerhans Cell

Tendons and ligaments are made predominately of the protein.


Osseous Tissue is more comonly known as ___.


The space under the tip of the fingernail is the____.

Free Edge

What are the four types of tissue?

Connective, Epithelial, Muscle, Nervous

An organ, by definition, is composed of two or more types of ____.


The apocrine type of sweat gland is found ___.

in the groin.

The integumentary glands that normally develop at puberty are___.

Apocrine glands

Any zone of tissue injury is called a____.


Debridement is used for ____.

Third Degree burns.

Tendons are composed of _____tissue.

Dense Regular

The formation of scar tissue.


All glands that produce their products by way of ducts are called___


The simple squamous epithelium that lines the body cavities and covers the outer surfaces of the viscera is called?


The perichondrium is a layer of fibroconnective tissue surrounding____

Most cartilage

A____is a relatively impenetrable attachment between two epithelial cells formed by membrane proteins that interlock somewhat like a zipper.

Tight Junction

In all mucous membranes, an epithelium rests on a connective tissue layer called _____.

The lamina propria.

A hair receives its nutrition from____

the dermal papilla.

The parts of the hair from deepest in the skin to the part above the surface respectively are___

The bulb,root, shaft

the difference between a round hair and a flattened hair is related to___

the difference in hair growth rate.

The glands most responsible for cooling the skin are____.

Merocrine glands

in thick skin, the layers of the epidermis from deep to superficial are the stratum_____.

basale, spinosum,granulosum,lucidum,corneum

Two of the types of cartilage are hyaline and ___


What is not a connective tissue?


In a/an ___gland, entire cells break down to form the secretion.


Nervous tissue consists predominately of two cell types, neurons and___.


Blood vessels are lacking from___

epithelial tissue and cartilage.

All permanent connective tissue orginates with the ___ of the embryo.


What fibers are branched?


The synthesis of ___ depends on the penetration of the ultraviolet light through the epidermis.

Vitamin D

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