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-image or symbolic representation of an abstract idea
-describes and names an object or phenomenon abstractly


-set of 2 or more interrelated concepts that present a systematic view of a phenomenon for the purpose of explaining and making predictions

conceptual/theoretical framework

-abstract/logical structure of meaning that guides the development of a study
-basis for development of research questions or hypotheses
-often illustrated in a diagram

conceptual framework

-consists of concepts pulled together as a map for a study
-system of ideas synthesized to guide a study

theoretical framework

-structure of concepts that exists (tested) and is a ready made map for a study

framework functions

-clarifies concepts
-identifies and states underlying assumptions of a study
-specifies relationships amont and between concepts

conceptual definition

-general meaning
-comparable to dictionary definition but goes beyond
-provides theoretical meaning of a variable or concept

operational definition

-method used to measure a concept
-specifies how the concept will be measured and procedures and operations necessary to measure it
-when a concept is linked to a measurement it is a variable

researcher perspective

-develop the knowledge foundation necessary to design a sound study
-generates research questions and hypotheses

consumer perspective

-answer a clinical question or solve a problem to improve patient outcomes

researcher lit review

-identifies a theoretical or conceptual framework
-discovers what is known and not known to refine the research ?
-assists in the design and methods to be used
-allows interpretation and discussion

consumer lit review

-identifies, gathers, critically appraises and synthesizes evidence
-assesses the usefulness of the evidence in changing practice
-develops evidence based practice projects

primary sources

-written by the person who conducted the study, developed the theory, or prepared a scholarly discussion
-should constitute most of the lit review

secondary sources

-sources write about or present another author's original work
-good for beginners

print indexes

-needed for sources not available in online databases

peer reviewed/ refereed journal

-panel of scholars review submitted manuscripts
-review are blind to promote objectivity

literature review should...

-develop a strong knowledge base
-determine what is known and unknown
-determine gaps, consistencies, and inconsistencies
-generate useful research ?s
-determine an appropriate research design, methods, and analysis for answering the research ?s
-determine the need for replication of a study
-generate clinical ?s that guide dvelopment of EBP

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