21 terms

English 1 Final Exam (First 3 Stories)

Where does Gift of the Magi take place?
Christmas Eve
Della's hair and Jim's watch always make them feel?
How does Della purchase Jim's Christmas Present?
She sells her hair for $20
What gift does Jim purchase for Della?
Hair Combs
What gift does Della purchase for Jim?
A Watch Chain
Why does Jim react so strangley when he sees Della cut her hair?
He bought her a gift that was no longer useful
Why can't Della attatch the chain to his watch?
He sold his watch
Who are the Magi?
The wise men who brought gifts to the baby Jesus
Why are Jim and Della the wisest of gift givers?
They sacraficed their most prized possesions for eachother
In the Kings arena how is your fate decided?
By Chance
While in the arena the young man looks at the princess for?
Why were the young mans actions considered a crime?
He is not in a high social rank, and he did not ask permission
In opening the door that he opens he shows what for the princess?
Trust to let her decide his fate
What was behind the door?
We dont know
Madame Loisel is not unhappy because of what?
Having come down in her social class
Madame Loisel is unhappy about going to the party because why?
She has nothing to wear
What does the invitation symbolize?
What Madame Loisel wants to be
What is the internal conflict the man must face?
Wether to listen to the princess and to either loose her or get eaten by a tiger
What is the external conflict he must face?
To be eaten alive by the tiger and to open the door
What physical changes does Madame Loisel experience?
Smaller apartment and lose maid also to get fatter, look older, and her hair is all ratty
What was the suprising information at the end of "The Necklace"?
The original necklace was fake (paste)