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  1. mahatma is a member of India's brahman caste. what is mahatmas's most likely occupation?
  2. the acme corporation has adopted my " a a means of controlling employees. What is a tiny brother
  3. the sociologists who believed social class is actually made up of three components, property, power, and prestige was
  4. a system of beliefs that justifies a particular social arrangement such as slavery is called
  5. which of the following characteristics is most associated with the class system
  1. a movement up and down the class leader
  2. b security cameras
  3. c Max Weber
  4. d a Hindu priest
  5. e an ideology

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  1. he is a monk in st. thomas aquinas parish
  2. W.E.B. DuBois
  3. social stratification
  4. power
  5. false class consciousness

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  1. where would someone encounter a stratification system that includes europeans, africans, coloured and asianssouth africa


  2. the ability to control others, even over their objections is referred to aspower


  3. Raul is a member of the Kshatriya but recently engaged in an intimate act with a member of the Dalit. Raul has seen the error of his ways, however and wants to make amends for his indiscretions. Which statement best explains Raul's next course of action?Raul will undergo ablution


  4. in his book the ruling class mosca made three arguments regarding society and power " not one of themman is naturally good


  5. of the following methods which would be the best way to preserve a stratification systemcontrolling ideas, information, technology, and social networks though ideology