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  1. in some societies, closely related members of the ruling class and those who are the wealthiest marry to preserve their power and wealth within the family. this practice is
  2. In the estate system, the practice of the first born inheriting all land owned by the father was called
  3. bartholemew is a member od the second estate in europe during the middle ages. in view of this what is bartholemews most likely social locaton
  4. in colonial America immigrants were transported to the new world "on credit" by the captain if the ship who then sold their services to wealthy colonists who paid their passage. in return these immigrants worked for a specified period of time and were known as
  5. the ability to control others, even over their objections is referred to as
  1. a he is a monk in st. thomas aquinas parish
  2. b endogamy
  3. c primogeniture
  4. d indentured servants or bonded labor
  5. e power

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  1. security cameras
  2. movement up and down the class leader
  3. W.E.B. DuBois
  4. Max Weber
  5. south africa

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  1. At the steel plant all minorities hired are assigned to work the battery pits, one of the dirtiest jobs in the mill. even so all battery pit workers wear this assignment as a badge of honor and have developed a close social bond that transcends the time they spend at the mill. how would karl marx describe this solidaritythe workers share class consciousness


  2. in every society from the hunting and gathering society to the post industrial society, what has been the most common basis for social stratification?power


  3. according to gaetano mosca every society is stratified by to ensure the societiesmovement up and down the class leader


  4. Raul is a member of the Kshatriya but recently engaged in an intimate act with a member of the Dalit. Raul has seen the error of his ways, however and wants to make amends for his indiscretions. Which statement best explains Raul's next course of action?Raul will undergo ablution


  5. mahatma is a member of India's brahman caste. what is mahatmas's most likely occupation?a Hindu priest


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