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  1. the ability to control others, even over their objections is referred to as
  2. if a person were living during Karol Marx's lifetime and worked at the smittertown ironworks Marx would consider that person a member of the
  3. in some societies, closely related members of the ruling class and those who are the wealthiest marry to preserve their power and wealth within the family. this practice is
  4. what were the three major causes of slavery prior to the 17th century?
  5. in colonial America immigrants were transported to the new world "on credit" by the captain if the ship who then sold their services to wealthy colonists who paid their passage. in return these immigrants worked for a specified period of time and were known as
  1. a power
  2. b endogamy
  3. c proletariat
  4. d crime, debt, and war
  5. e indentured servants or bonded labor

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  1. apartheid
  2. kingsly davis and wilbert moore
  3. false class consciousness
  4. controlling ideas, information, technology, and social networks though ideology
  5. W.E.B. DuBois

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  1. the sociologists who believed social class is actually made up of three components, property, power, and prestige wasMax Weber


  2. according to gaetano mosca every society is stratified by to ensure the societiespower


  3. what is the significant difference between the class system and the systems of slavery,caste and estatethe class system has fluid boundaries


  4. which of the following characteristics is most associated with the class systemagricultural society


  5. what is the basis of india's caste system?crime, debt, and war