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  1. the american sociologist who campaigned for civil rights in the 20th century and made the comment " gradually the entire white south became an armed camp to keep negroes in slavery and to kill the black rebel" was
  2. according to gaetano mosca every society is stratified by to ensure the societies
  3. In the estate system, the practice of the first born inheriting all land owned by the father was called
  4. bartholemew is a member od the second estate in europe during the middle ages. in view of this what is bartholemews most likely social locaton
  5. what were the three major causes of slavery prior to the 17th century?
  1. a W.E.B. DuBois
  2. b power
  3. c crime, debt, and war
  4. d primogeniture
  5. e he is a monk in st. thomas aquinas parish

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  1. proletariat
  2. false class consciousness
  3. Raul will undergo ablution
  4. power
  5. they would revolt against the bourgeoisie

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  1. a form of the caste system that until recently is south africa was calledapartheid


  2. what is the basis of india's caste system?crime, debt, and war


  3. the sociologists who believed social class is actually made up of three components, property, power, and prestige wasW.E.B. DuBois


  4. mahatma is a member of India's brahman caste. what is mahatmas's most likely occupation?a Hindu priest


  5. the two theorists who concluded that the universality of stratification can be explained by the necessity to motivate the most qualified people to fill the more important and demanding positions in a society werepower


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