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  1. bartholemew is a member od the second estate in europe during the middle ages. in view of this what is bartholemews most likely social locaton
  2. what were the three major causes of slavery prior to the 17th century?
  3. Raul is a member of the Kshatriya but recently engaged in an intimate act with a member of the Dalit. Raul has seen the error of his ways, however and wants to make amends for his indiscretions. Which statement best explains Raul's next course of action?
  4. which of the following characteristics is most associated with the class system
  5. if a person were living during Karol Marx's lifetime and worked at the smittertown ironworks Marx would consider that person a member of the
  1. a crime, debt, and war
  2. b he is a monk in st. thomas aquinas parish
  3. c proletariat
  4. d movement up and down the class leader
  5. e Raul will undergo ablution

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  1. south africa
  2. kingsly davis and wilbert moore
  3. primogeniture
  4. man is naturally good
  5. a Hindu priest

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  1. what did karl marx predict after workers were exploited year after year by the capitalists classthey would revolt against the bourgeoisie


  2. in every society from the hunting and gathering society to the post industrial society, what has been the most common basis for social stratification?gender


  3. the american sociologist who campaigned for civil rights in the 20th century and made the comment " gradually the entire white south became an armed camp to keep negroes in slavery and to kill the black rebel" wasW.E.B. DuBois


  4. in some societies, closely related members of the ruling class and those who are the wealthiest marry to preserve their power and wealth within the family. this practice isendogamy


  5. what is the significant difference between the class system and the systems of slavery,caste and estatethe class system has fluid boundaries