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Endocrine System

Hormone that has intracellular receptors
What is the mechanism of action of lipid-soluble hormone?
Activation of genes, which increase protein synthesis in the cell
After a lipid- soluble hormone is bound to its intracellular receptor, what does the hormone complex do?
Acts as a transcription factor and binds DNA, activating a gene.
which hormone receptor always bound to DNA, even when the receptor is empty?
Thyroid Hormone (TH)
What keep intracellular receptors from binding to DNA before a hormone binds to the receptor?
Chaperone protein (chaperonins)
The stimuli causing endocrine gland to secrete their hormones in direct responce to changing blood levels of certain critical ions and nutrients are called
Humoral Stimuli
Hormones that regulate the secretory action of other endocrine glands are called
Which of the following hormones helps the body avoid dehydration and water overload?
Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH)
Which of the following glands is found atop the kidneys?
Which of the following is a hormone produced by the posterior pituitary?
None of this: Oxytocin, HGH, ADH
Which is required for the production of anterior pituitary gland hormones?
Hormonal Stimuli
Which hormone is the body's major metabolic hormone?
Thyroid hormone (TH)
Which hormone pairs are antagonists that regulate blood calcium ion levels?
Parathyroid hormone/calcitonin
The hypothalamus is known to control activity of the anterior pituitary, which has traditionally been called the " master endocrine gland" T or F
The anatomical effects of acromegaly can usally be reversed by surgically removing the tumor from the anterior pituitary. T o F
What pairs correctly match the adrenal gland zone or area with the class of hormones it produces
Zona glomerulosa/mineralocorticoids
Which hormone is / are essential to our ability to deal with stress?
Diabetes, target cells do not respond normally to insulin?
Type 2 diabetes
Diabetes, no insulin is produced
Type 1 diabetes
which pancreatic hormone functions to lower blood glucose levels?
________ are the result of hypersecretion of growth hormone.
The only amine hormone to act like a steroid is
Thyroid Hormone (TH)
Alpha islets cells produce ___, an extremely potent hyperglycemic hormone.
Which hormone stimulates production of RBCs and which organ or structure produces it >?
Erythropoietin, kidney
which of the following hormones stimulates the adrenal cortex to release glucocorticoids that help the body to resist stressors?
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
Which is the primary function of a hormone?
alter cell activity
Virtually all the protein or amino acid- based hormones exert their effects through intracellular ____
Second messengers
Steroid hormones exert their action by
Entering the nucleus of a cell and intiating or altering the expression of a gene
Thyroid hormone ( a small iodinated amine) enters target cells in a manner similar to___
steroid hormones, because both diffuse easily into target cells
Which is not a homeostatic imbalance related to underactivity of the thyroid gland?
Graves's disease
Why does antidiuretic hormone help regulate an abnormal increase in solute concentration in the extracellular fluid?
it causes reabsorption of water by the kidneys, resulting in increased blood water volume and a decreased solute concentration.
is inhibited by alcohol