Theatre comes from theatron, which means

seeing place

Theatre signifies all of the following (the building where the play is performed, the company of players, the stage and backstage spaces, the occupation of acting...) except

the stage and backstage spaces

One term for a long-standing, collective group of theatre practitioners who have worked together is


The task of securing all necessary personnel, space, and financing, supervising all production and promotion efforts, fielding all legal matters, and distributing the proceeds derived from receipts falls to the


The person who controls and develops the artistic product and provides it with a unified vision is

the director

While both theatre and sport are public spectacles, theatre differs from sports activities because

theatre has a pre-ordained ending

The distinctive feature of theatre, which separates it from other arts, is that theatre employs


The English word for person comes from the Latin word for


Which mode of performance acknowledges the audience- as in the case of the nightclub performer who sings, dances, jokes, and responds overtly to applause?

the presentational mode

Coleridge's term for the audience participation engendered by the way of empathy was

willing suspension of disbelief

How does a theatrical performance differ from a video or a filmed performance?

The theatrical performance is live, with the audience and performers, who are aware of each other, mutually interacting in their shared presence

Which of the following is true of the relationship between the play script and the performance?

The script is a silhouette or outline of the play itself, which fully exists in performance only

What is a play?

an action focused around a particular conflict, which gives the action significance

The purging or cleansing of pity and terror, which the audience develops during the climax of a tragedy, is called


The author of the first written comedies known to us from the Greek world is


How do tragic and comic characterization differ?

Comic characters are individuals whose problems are social rather than cosmic

Which dramatic genre purports to be serious but, in fact, deals with human issues only on the most superficial level, embellished with spectacular staging, flamboyant dialogue, and highly suspenseful and contrived plotting?


Which dramatic genre offers a wild, hilarious treatment of trivial theme, usually based on a stock component like identical twins, switched identities, lovers in closets, and might include full-stage chases, misheard instructions, various disrobings, discoveries, and disappearances?


The six components of a play which Aristotle lists, in order of importance, are

plot, character, theme, diction, music & spectacle

What is the difference between plot and story?

plot refers to the structure of events; story refers to a narrative of what happens in a play.

The visual aspect of the play, including the scenery, costumes, lighting, make-up, and the over-all look of the stage are accommodated by the element of theatre known as


Background information, presented within the play that the audience must possess in order to understand the action of the play is called


In play construction, the single action that initiates the major conflict of the play is called the

inciting incident

The final scene, action, or lines in a play devoted to bringing the play to a new level of harmony or understanding, perhaps even resolution after the climax is called the


Playwright refers to

a person who constructs or composes a play as a wheelwright makes a wheel

The playwright works with two fundamental tools

dialogue and physical action

Which of the following is the most accurate statement of the audience's response to the drama?

Intrigue draws us into the world of the play, credibility keeps us there

A play in which every character possesses an independence of intention, expression, and motivation that appears sensible in the light of our general knowledge of psychology and human behavior possesses

depth of characterization

All of the following are signs of good characterization except

the character appears as an integer in the playwright's grand design and represents only symbols

A play that deals with an issue of serious and lasting significance in humanity's spiritual or intellectual life beyond the mere attempt to imitate profundity is said to possess


The playwright's skill at condensing a story that may span many days, even years of chronological time, into a theatrical time frame is called


Scenes of forced conflict are important because

climactic scenes define structure, character, and situation

James Barrie's fantastical play Peter Pan deals with characters that are wholly appropriate to their imaginary situation and internally consistent in their actions within the context of the play. Since it may be said to make a picture of a wholly consistent world, this play possesses


A linear plot proceeds by

point to point storytelling of events linked in chronological cause-effect continuity.

When a playwright has managed to make every scene, every incident, every character, and every word deliver an impact, he or she has satisfied the dramatic demand for


Since the development of motion pictures, theatre has suffered declining attendance, declining revenues, and a declining number of theatres in America.


Although films are recorded, we perceive them as having a greater immediacy than theatre due to the fact that plays are rehearsed and repeated.


Although the names and allocations of craft functions such as directing, producing, designing, and stage managing have changed over the course of the theatre's history, the functions themselves have remained fairly constant


Like viewers of television drama and movie-house films, theatre audiences assume an essentially one-to-one relationship with that is being viewed and do not communicate with other viewers.


Theatre performances elicit the audience's participation by arousing in the audience the feeling of empathy


Genre means category or kind.


Aristotle's term for the play's abstracted intellectual content is "thesis."


According to Horace, comedy should offer utile dulce, a term that means sweet instruction


The genre known as melodrama, of fairly recent development, relies upon authentic evidence as the basis for portraying relatively recent historical events


The audience is not a part of the definition of conventions of the theatre.


The audience's demand for internal consistency in a play, in which the characters, the situation, and the theatrical context are combined to generate the action, creates credibility.


That quality of a play that creates suspense by making us wonder what will happen next is called curiosity.


The quality of a play that describes the way the playwright creates a world in which every detail fortifies our insight into the play is called richness.


A play that relates in some fashion to current personal concerns of the audience is said to possess gravity


An independence of thought and vision is perhaps the playwright's most important characteristic


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