Present Tenses (simple present, present progressive, present perfect and present perfect progressive)

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

Terms in this set (...)

Lynn ___________ (clean) the house all morning.
has been cleaning
My brother __________________________ (enjoy) this CD very much.
We always __________________________ (visit) Grandma on Sundays.
The retirement party is tonight. How long ___________ you ___________ (plan) it?
have, been planning
We __________________________ (go) to lunch now. Would you like to join us?
are going
My sister ____________ (drive) to Santa Barbara 3 times.
has driven
I think this car __________________________ (cost) $49 dollars.
Nancy ___________ (be) to Vegas before. She doesn't want to go again.
has been
Omar often __________________________ (miss) class because of illness.
My big brother __________________________ (work) as an accountant in a big company for a very long time.
has been working
I __________________ (swear) never to let you down.
I _________ (hate) living in Seattle because it ______________(rain, always).
hate, is always raining
Don't forget to take your umbrella. It __________(rain) right now.
is raining
Paul __________ just ___________ (eat) all of the strawberries.
has, eaten
Every Monday, Sally ____________(pick up) her kids from football practice at 4:30.
picks up
Shhhhh! Be quiet! Adam ___________(sleep).
is sleeping
Bob __________ (sit) in that waiting room for the doctor for over an hour. He's thinking about changing doctors.
has been sitting
The sun __________ (rise) in the east.
Water ____________ (boil) at 100 degrees.
Her cousin ___________ (decide) to change jobs. Tomorrow she will start looking for a new position.
has decided
The water ___________ (boil). Can you turn it off?
is boiling
I ___________ (wait) for the bus for 40 minutes!
have been waiting
Dania _____________(speak) Turkish and Italian.
She ____________ (not, know) any English.
does not/doesn't know
It ___________ (snow) for hours!
has been snowing
___________ you ever ___________ in a helicopter?
have, flown
I _____________ (not feel) very well. I'd like to take a nap.
do not/don't feel
Our grandfather ___________ (lend) my sister money 3 times already, but she ___________ (not pay) him back yet.
has lent, hasn't paid
Tim ___________ never ___________ (forget) the time he and his friend went scuba diving.
has, forgotten
_______ you ________ (believe) in God?
Do, believe
Martin can't go. He ___________ (break) his leg.
has broken
We ___________ (spend) a lot of money lately.
have been spending
I ___________ (not, like) politics.
do not/don't like
What _________ you _________ (do)? I'm sleeping.
are, doing
How many languages _______you ________(speak)?
do, speak
His brother ___________ (try) to freeze those ice cubes for 3 hours. I think something is wrong with the freezer!
has been trying
I _________(want) to be a millionaire
I can't believe she doesn't seem tired. She ___________ (swim) for over an hour.
has been swimming
Ali_________(love) Maria.
I _________(think) you_________(be) amazing.
think, are
I ___________ (not climb) a tree since I was a little girl.
haven't climbed
My cousin sometimes __________(read) comics.
I ___________(chat) with my sister at the moment.
am chatting
I ___________ (take) a shower already.
have taken
Mahmoud ___________ (study) eight hours a day.
The play ___________ just ___________ (begin). What is he doing?
has, begun
Cristina __________(have) long blond hair.
She often ___________ (talk) to herself.
Recently, Frank ___________ (work) as a waiter.
has been working
__________ the baby ___________(fall) asleep yet?
has, fallen
Currently we ____________ (help) the neighbors with their new kitchen remodel.
are helping