Poultry Final Review

3. Area that human traffic should move from on multiple-age facilities
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23. Number of air sacs a chicken hasnine25. An essential fatty acidlinolenic acid26. Extraembryonic organ that lines the inside of the shell of an egg with a developing chick embryochorion28. Broiler breeders that are full fedroosters29. Type of ventilation required during mild weather or when minimum ventilation is not sufficient to maintain air qualitytransition30. Type of comb resulting from crossing a chicken with a rose comb with one that has a pea combwalnut31. Effect of pancreas bicarbonate on the pH of the duodenumpH increases33. Least abundant class of nutrients in the carcass (without the GI tract) of a henminerals35. Type of bone chicken toes aremedullary39. Brush border enzymemaltase40. Part of the egg that allows carbon dioxide and oxygen to pass throughshell41. First limiting amino acid in a corn-soybean meal diet, and is also a sulfur-containing amino acidthiamine42. Turkey barn that litter can be re-used fromfinisher44. Embryonic layer that the circulatory system is derived frommesoderm45. One of two places where sperm is stored in the reproductive tract of a female chickenvagina46. Hormone related to laying an eggoxytocin47. Procedures that are put in place to protect turkeys against disease or harmful biological agentsbiosecurity1. A sulfur-containing amino acidCysteine2. Period after disinfection that is the most important step of sanitation in turkey brooder and finisher barnsdry out4. What happens to hatch time when incubator temperature increasesdecreases6. One of two hatchery services that can help prevent cannibalismbeak trimming8. One of two hatchery services that can help prevent cannibalismdubbing10. Contains two glucose monomersmaltose11. Set of metabolic pathways that breaks down molecules into smaller unitsmetabolism12. One of the places that hens get the pigment from for skin colordiet15. Responsible for the health of turkeysfarm owners17. Hormone produced by the ultimobranchial bodiescalcitonin19. Where the Islets of Langerhans are locatedpancreas20. Date on an egg carton that is 45 days from the time the eggs is placed in the cartonuse by22. Set of metabolic pathways that construct molecules from smaller unitsanabolism23. pH that most digestive enzymes work best atneutral24. Optimum weight loss of eggs during incubation (percent)12%27. Part of the incubation when heat production from incubating eggs occursgraded heat32. Hormone that must be in balance with calcitonin to maintain proper blood calcium levelsparathormone34. The most energy efficient type of incubatormultistage36. Describes the condition in a brooder when all the chicks are huddling together on one sidedraft37. Biosecurity method used in the broiler industry but which is not used in the egg industry due to the size of large egg complexesall-in all-out38. Present in both turkeys and Muscovy duckscaruncles42. Type of energy that is the represented by the difference between gross energy and digestible energyfecal43. Part of the chicken brain that is well-developedhypothalamus47. Feather type that is most important for insulating birdsbody