Principles of War


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never permit the enemy to gain knowledge of your plans, dispositions, strengths, or attack without your knowledge of it; The US allowed their security to be breached when Japan was able to gather intelligence on the disposition of naval forces in Pearl Harbor.
use the simplest plan that will work; During the battle of Gettysburg, General Robert E. Lee gave discretionary orders to his subordinates, many of which were new and replacing generals like Stonewall Jackson, but these orders or plans weren't precise enough which caused chaos amongst the army in terms of working off a simple plan.
attacking in a time, place, or manner for which the enemy is unprepared; the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Unity of Command
one commander who directs all efforts; A split between commanders of ground forces in Afghanistan occurred in 2006 when Combined Arms Command passed control of ground forces to the International Security Assistance Force, which caused problems with commanders of CENTCOM, Special Operations Command, and NATO on who was in charge.
use all force toward a single objective; The Somali Militia was able to mass a great number of people during the Blackhawk Down incident in Mogadishu which overwhelmed American forces trying to respond to the crash sites.
use the ability to move to place the enemy at a disadvantage; The Battle of Cowpens when Gen. Daniel Morgan (American Revolutionary forces) utilized the militia forces to draw in LTC. Banastre Tarleton's (British) troops which caused British forces to be enveloped.
Economy of Force
using minimum amount of force that will accomplish the objective; ADM Yamamoto used too many warships in Midway for distraction purposes and therefore didn't have enough assets to combat the American fleet, which was thought to be small per Japanese reports.
pursue a beaten enemy; Confederate commander P. G. T. Beauregard at the first major engagement of the civil war Bull run after defeating the Union forces lead by Winfield Scott failed to pursue the beaten Union Forces.
have a clear, defined, attainable goal for every operation; During the American Civil War Union forces initial plan was the Anaconda Plan. IOT complete this operation the last Confederate fort on the Mississippi river had to be taken (Vicksburg). General Grant (Union Forces) Succeeded in taking the last objective in taking the last objective on the Mississippi River thus cutting the Confederate forces in half