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1. Are complex
2. Show a range of emotions
3. Display strengths and weaknesses
4. Often change over the course of a story

Name 4 characteristics of Round Characters?

To serve as main characters who advance the plot. To help develop theme.

What role do Round Characters play?

1. Are defined by only one or two traits 2. Show only a few emotions 3. May be stereotypes or stock characters 4. Don't grow or change

Name 4 characteristics of Flat Characters?

1. The narrator's direct comments about a character's motivation 2. The character's actions, thoughts, and values 3. The moral dilemmas, or questions, the character faces 4. your own insights into human behavior

What 4 things should you look for while using Motivation?


____ - The reasons behind his or her actions

Dynamic (Characters)

Characters who change and grow as the plot develops are?

Static (Characters)

Characters who remain the same are?

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