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an abbreviation for advertising


a headline in large type running across the entire width of the front page


the writer's name, appearing above a news or feature story


the words below a photograph, describing the action and often naming the people


the average number of copies of the newspaper sold over a given period


a vertical division of type in a newspaper


all printed material for publication


the line at the beginning of a story giving the place of the reported incident


the space at the top of the front page on each side of gthe newspaper's masthead. It is used for weather, index, circulation figures etc...


a column which expresses an opinion


a "title" in large type at the top of a story

human interest story

a story that does not have immediate news impact


a list that provides information as to the locations of the various parts of the newspaper


the first few sentences or opening paragraph of a news story that summarizes the event. The lead generally tells who, what, where, when and why.


the name of the newspaper as it appears at the top of page one


the page opposite the editorial page, which is usually devoted to opinion columns by writers other than the paper's editors


any article, other than an editorial or an advertisement, written for the newspaper


directly below the headline, tells about the main point of the story

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