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  1. directly below the headline, tells about the main point of the story
  2. a headline in large type running across the entire width of the front page
  3. a column which expresses an opinion
  4. the first few sentences or opening paragraph of a news story that summarizes the event. The lead generally tells who, what, where, when and why.
  5. a story that does not have immediate news impact
  6. the page opposite the editorial page, which is usually devoted to opinion columns by writers other than the paper's editors

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  1. bylinethe writer's name, appearing above a news or feature story


  2. adan abbreviation for advertising


  3. headlinea "title" in large type at the top of a story


  4. mastheadthe name of the newspaper as it appears at the top of page one


  5. captiona vertical division of type in a newspaper


  6. storyany article, other than an editorial or an advertisement, written for the newspaper