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Ocuurs when physical forces break rock into smaller and smaller pieces without changing the rock's mineral composition
Frost wedging
the mechanical break up of rock caused by the expansion of freezing water in craks and crevices
reduces pressure on igneous rock
Biological activity
The activity of organism breaks rocks
th elayer or rock and mineral fragmnets that covers most of the earth's land surface
the part of the regolith that supports the gwoth of palnts
Soil Horizon
zones or layes of the soil
Soil profile
a vertical thought all the soil horizontal
Mass movement
the transfer of rock and soil downslope due to gravity
Rock fall
rock or rock fragments fall freely thought the air
Rock slide
a block of material moves suddenly along a flat inclined surface
Freezing water liftes particles to the slopw and thawing allows the particles to fall back to a lower level