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  1. Uraemia
  2. pyuria
  3. Nocturnal enuresis/eneuresis
  4. Biluria
  5. Oliguria
  1. a high levels of urea in the blood
  2. b bedwetting at night
  3. c presence of pus in the urine
  4. d presence of bile salts in the urine
  5. e scanty production of urine

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  1. suppression of urine secretion from the kidneys-renal failure
  2. increase in the production of urine
  3. passing large amounts of urine
  4. excessive thirst
  5. degenerative disease of the kidney

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  1. Cystalgiapain in the bladder


  2. Nephritisinflammation of the kidney


  3. Incontinenceprotrusion of the bladder, usually into the vaginal wall


  4. Urethritisinflammation of the ureters


  5. Nephrolithdegenerative disease of the kidney