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  1. Glycosuria
  2. Oliguria
  3. Renal calculus
  4. Nephrolithiasis
  5. Ureterolithiasis
  1. a condition of stones in the ureters
  2. b the condition of stones in the kidney
  3. c scanty production of urine
  4. d kidney stone
  5. e presence of glucose in the urine

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  1. backlog of urine in the pelvis causing pressure and damaging the kidney
  2. inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney
  3. cutting into the kidney
  4. pain in the bladder
  5. any group of kidney diseases involving the glomeruli

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  1. Dysuriadifficulty/pain in passing urine


  2. Cystocelepain in the bladder


  3. Enuresis/eneuresisbedwetting


  4. Nephropathydegenerative disease of the kidney


  5. Ketonuriasuppression of urine secretion from the kidneys-renal failure


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