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  1. Polyuria
  2. Pyelitis
  3. Polydipsia
  4. Papilloma
  5. Urethral stricture
  1. a excessive thirst
  2. b inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney
  3. c passing large amounts of urine
  4. d a simple benign tumour of the bladder lining
  5. e narrowing of the urethra

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  1. presence of abnormal breakdown of protein in urine in hereditary disease PKU
  2. bedwetting
  3. pain in the bladder
  4. inflammation of the ureters
  5. the abnormal presence of albumin in the urine(protein)

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  1. Glomerulo-nephritisany group of kidney diseases involving the glomeruli


  2. Incontinenceprotrusion of the bladder, usually into the vaginal wall


  3. Haematuriapresence of blood in the urine


  4. Hydronephrosisbacklog of urine in the pelvis causing pressure and damaging the kidney


  5. Oliguriascanty production of urine