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Practice questions for Ashes by Kathryn Lasky

In Ashes, what is time period of the story

1932-1933 (p.1)

In Ashes, where does the story take place

Germany (p. 1)

In Ashes, what does NAZI stand for

National Socialist German Workers' Party (p.4)

In Ashes, at the beginning of the story, who is the president of Germany

Paul von Hindenburg (p.4)

In Ashes, Hitler's private army is known as the _________.

Brown shirts (p. 5)

In Ashes, which groups of people were typically targeted by the SS/SA/Brown shirts

Communists and Jews (p.5)

In Ashes, which group off people did Hitler blame for Germany's loss of World War I

the Jews (p. 5)

The book, Ashes, is what genre

historical fiction (p. 7)

In Ashes, who is telling the story

Gabriella Schramm or Gaby

In Ashes, what theory does Gaby's father try to prove

light has weight (p. 10)

In Ashes, what happened to Gaby's father the night of the eclipse

he was captured by the Russians (p. 10)

In Ashes, what book was Gaby able to read first

Winter Mouse (p. 10)

In Ashes, who is Gaby's best friend

Rosa Ebers (p.10)

In Ashes, what is Gaby's father's job

He's chairman of the Department of Photography at the University of Berlin (p. 11)

In Ashes, how old is Gaby

13 (p. 11)

In Ashes, what is Gaby's middle name and what does it mean

Lucia - "light"

In Ashes, how did Gaby's father choose her name

she is named for the starlight he captured on film on her birthday (p. 11)

In Ashes, Papa says, "Ninety-two elements and I'll bake you a _______."

universe (p. 12)

In Ashes, what does Gaby do to get in trouble in class

she is reading during math (p. 13)

In Ashes, Doktor Berg says that quadratic equations are odd and elegant because.... they have to completely different answers that are both correct (p. 15)

they have to completely different answers that are both correct (p. 15)

In Ashes, what book does Doktor Berg take from Gaby

The Call of the Wild

In Ashes, Gaby says that she and Rosa are just mad for what

movies (p. 19)

In Ashes, which American actress was Gaby's favorite

Joan Crawford (p. 19)

In Ashes, how does Gaby get into watch movies that are not for children

Rosa's cousin is an usher at the move theater and sneaks them in (p. 19)

In Ashes, what instrument does Ulla play

the violin (p. 20)

In Ashes, what disease caused father to stop playing the violin

polio (p.20)

In Ashes, why did Ulla stop studying

she has a boyfriend (p.21)

In Ashes, what does Rosa help Gaby with in school


In Ashes, what does Gaby help Rosa with


In Ashes, what does Gaby's dad call her hair

the Milky Way (p. 24)

In Ashes, describe the tradition Gabby and Rosa invented at the zoo

the touch the elephants' trunks (p. 25)

In Ashes, name the famous person who lives in Gaby's neighborhood.

Albert Einstein (p. 30)

In Ashes, why does Gaby try walking through her neighborhood without looking

she is thinking about Helen Keller being both blind and deaf

In Ashes, who does Gaby call Mr. Hell

the building superintendent, Mr. Himmel

In Ashes, why doesn't Gaby like Mr. Mr. Himmel

he is nosy and watches everyone (p. 35)

In Ashes, who is Momma's best friend

Baba (p. 36)

In Ashes, what is Baba's job

she is a social columnist for a newspaper (p. 37)

In Ashes, Gaby's father calls her what

little magic mouse (p. 37)

In Ashes, what did the Brown Shirts do in the movie theater showing All Quiet on the Western Front

threw tomatoes and released rats (41)

In Ashes, what kind of film is All Quiet on the Western Front

It's an antiwar movie . (22)

In Ashes, why does Papa think think the Brown Shirts were protesting the movie, All Quiet on the Western Front

They considered it un-German and unpatriotic. (41)

In Ashes, what does Baba call Herr Goebbel

The dwarf (41)

In Ashes, what is Herr Goebbel's job

He is the leader of the Nazi party's propaganda unit (41)

In Ashes, why does Ulla want to stay in Berlin for the summer

She says for a job, but Mom thinks its to be with Karl. (p. 45)

In Ashes, what does Ulla say her job will be at the Chameleon

A bookkeeper (47)

In Ashes, who is Uncle Hessie

Papa's best friend, as well as a rich diplomat (47)

In Ashes, what does Gaby mean when she says, "Papa has had two lives"

Before infantile paralysis, he played the violin. Now, he studies the stars. (45)

In Ashes, where did Papa learn to love the stars

In Tyrol, on "star hikes" (47)

In Ashes, describe Gaby's birthday photo.

It's the solar eclipse. (54)

In Ashes, what does Gaby's birthday picture validate

Einstein's theory of relativity (54)

In Ashes, what does Hertha say that troubles Gaby

She thinks Germany will be better with Hitler in charge. (55)

In Ashes, what does Gaby's mom do for the tenants in their building for free

She plants the garden and tends it. (64)

In Ashes, how does Ulla make sure she gets to stay in Berlin for the summer

She fails her literature exam (65)

In Ashes, how does Gaby's family get to Caputh

They take Uncle Hessie's Mercedes (69)

In Ashes, how does Uncle Hessie get through the SA's parade on the way to Caputh

He gives two soldiers a ride on the fender of his car and tells them he is the presdent of the Prussian Auto Works (73)

In Ashes, whose scarf does Gaby wear on the way to Caputh

Josephine Baker's, a singer's. (70)

In Ashes, why does Gaby name her sailboat, Ratty

She named it after a character in The Wind in the Willows. (78)

In Ashes, why does Hessie think Hertha agrees with Hitler

He says she's proud and tired of being poor. (81)

In Ashes, what is Gaby's job at the lake house

She is the mouse-hunter. (82)

In Ashes, what does it mean to read 'naked'

to read anyplace, anytime, anwhere (83)

In Ashes, why does Gaby clean her own fish

She doesn't want to go into the kitchen while Hertha listens to the radio. (86)

In Ashes, Gaby asks Uncle Hessie a question and he doesn't answer. The question troubles her throughout the story. What is the question

"How many Herthas?" (86)

In Ashes, what does Gaby do after the baker asks her to be a sunflower princess at the parade

She chops off her braids. (97)

In Ashes, why does Ulla's night swim upset Gaby

She went skinny-dipping with Karl. (110)

In Ashes, what upsets Gaby in the Beer Garden

Karl and Ulla singing Nazi songs (115)

In Ashes, why are soldiers guarding the door to the dress store

They are telling people that the business is owned by Jewish people (122)

In Ashes, how does Baba get into the dress store

She speaks with authority and the soldiers are used to obeying orders (122)

In Ashes, how does Gaby help Baba at the countess's party

She helps record who is there and what they are wearing. (126)

In Ashes, what do painting squads do to Jewish businesses

Paint swastikas on them. (135)

In Ashes, what does Gaby discover when she visits her apartment with Rosa

Karl has been staying over. (135)

In Ashes, what does Gaby see Ulla doing at the Chameleon

Ulla passing out cigarettes in a scanty outfit. (141)

In Ashes, why does Gaby forgive Ulla's outfit

She likes it that her sister is working in a "subversive" place. (142)

In Ashes, why do Gaby and Rosa salute Hitler on the way home from the Chameleon

They are afraid of being hurt by the paint squad. (146)

In Ashes, where does Gaby record the events that make her feel like she's seeing things she shouldn't

The Diary of Shame (146)

In Ashes, why does Hitler say the Germans need more living space

He doesn't think their country is big enough. (152)

In Ashes, when does Rosa comment about the incident in the alley in Berlin with the painting squad

When the boy surfaces beside their sailboat (159)

In Ashes, why is Gaby excited to go to school

She will be in Fraulen Hofstadt's class

In Ashes, what is so special about Gaby's teacher

She is the best literature teacher and she is beautiful.

In Ashes, what play does Ulla think Gaby will be performing

Hamlet (169)

In Ashes, what phrase did Professor Lenard invent

"Jewish Physics" (175)

In Ashes, Gaby sees many important people at what play

Gabriel Schilling's Flight (182)

In Ashes, with whom does Fraulein Hofstadt go to the play

Her uncle (189)

In Ashes, what does Fraulein Hofstadt do in the alley that seems strange to Rosa and Gaby

She gets into a limosine. (193)

In Ashes, to what restaurant do Gaby, Hessie, and Otto go to celebrate the new chancellor of Germany

Drachenhaus (196)

In Ashes, why do Hessie and Otto want to celebrate the new chancellor's appointment

Hitler was not appointed (197)

In Ashes, why does Gaby say that she and Rosa are "slimy and disgusting girls"

they accepted an invitation from Fraulein Hofstadt after spying on her (198)

In Ashes, Fraulein Hofstadt invited how many girls for tea

Four (200)

In Ashes, what present does Fraulein Hofstadt give to the girls at tea

A wildflower pressed into a glass pendant (201)

In Ashes, from where is Fraulein Hofstadt

Tyrol (201)

In Ashes, in what movie was Fraulein Hofstadt

The Holy Mountain (201)

In Ashes, what was Fraulein Hofstadt's role in The Holy Mountain

She played an extra (201)

In Ashes, what is Fraulein Hofstadt's nickname

Trinka (203)

In Ashes, what is Baba's religion

She's Jewish. (205)

In Ashes, how do Mom, Baba, and Hertha surprise the children on Christmas Eve each year

With the decorated Christmas tree (205)

In Ashes, where do Ulla and Gaby record their Christmas wishes each year

In a letter to Father Christmas called a Briefe ans Christkindl (207)

In Ashes, what does Gaby write to Father Christmas

Goodbye (209)

In Ashes, what gifts do Gaby and Ulla give to Momma, Baba, and Papa

Momma - a blue scarf, Baba - a handkerchief set, and Papa - a photo album (209)

In Ashes, what is Ulla's present from her parents

A violin (211)

In Ashes, what news does Papa give Ulla on Christmas

She got into the academy. (210)

In Ashes, how does Ulla react when she sees the violin and finds out she got into the academy

She cries and runs from the room. (211)

In Ashes, what does Gaby find stuck to her window about three weeks after Christmas

Ulla's windowsill letter (218)

In Ashes, what does Gaby do with Ulla's windowsill letter

She tears it into tiny pieces. (218)

In Ashes, at dinner, Gaby's family says that Hitler comes to power how

Coroporations are paying people off so Hitler can become chancellor. (220)

In Ashes, what does Fraulein Hofstadt do in class that makes Gaby feel ashamed

She salutes Hitler.

In Ashes, what does Fraulein Hofstadt call her tea party group

"my girls" (224)

In Ashes, what does Fraulein Hofstadt receive permission to do at Gaby's school

Start a girls' version of the Hitler Youth (BDM/Bund Deutscher Madel) (225)

In Ashes, what is on the cover of the BDM pamplet

A picture of a girl who looks like Gaby before she cut her hair (226)

In Ashes, why isn't Ellie Schuman invited to Fraulein Hofstadt's meetings

She is Jewish (227)

In Ashes, what does Fraulein Hofstadt tell Gaby and her friends about having babies

It's their duty to provide children for the government. (227)

In Ashes, how does Fraulein Hofstadt react to the letters from Rosa's and Gaby's parents

She writes something in a notebook and tells the girls they will regret their decision. (231)

In Ashes, how does school change when Hitler comes to power

Pictures of the Nazi flag and Hitler are hung up around the school and everyone salutes the flag and says Heil Hitler (231)

In Ashes, what does Gaby notice about Fraulein Hofstadt's behavior towards the Jewish students

She is cold towards them, does not make copies for them, ignores them in class, and gives them grades they do not deserve (233)

In Ashes, Fraulein Hofstadt demands what of the librarian

A list of patrons who have checked out certain books (234)

In Ashes, how does the librarian, Frau Grumback, react to Fraulein Hofstadt's list of books

She says it is not official and she will not help her.

In Ashes, how does the schoolyard change after the BMD is established

Students practice marching instead of playing (240)

In Ashes, who is not in the BMD

A few Jewish students, Rosa, and Gaby (240)

In Ashes, what does Doktor Berg give to Gaby in the schoolyard

Her books that he confiscated (242)

In Ashes, what does Doktor Berg tell Gaby about the books

He loved Buck. "What a dog!" (242)

In Ashes, how does Fraulein Hofstadt react to Doktor Berg giving Gaby a package

She tries to ake it from Gaby (243)

In Ashes, what does Gaby do when Fraulein Hofstadt tries to take her books

She tells Fraulein Hofstadt that she is a very ordinary person and she reeks of perfume. (2430

In Ashes, why does Fraulein Hofstadt have so much power at Gaby's school

Her boyfriend is Goebbel's, Hitler's propaganda advisor (246)

In Ashes, where does Gaby go after running home from school

To Baba's house (246)

In Ashes, which playwright do the Nazi's "Aryanize"

Shakespeare (247)

In Ashes, what does Gaby find when she opens Doktor Berg's package

A letter and the book (249)

In Ashes, how does Gaby finish her year of school

Papa teaches her (250)

In Ashes, what list is Papa keeping

A list of people who have disappeared (250)

In Ashes, in Gaby's dream, what does Fraulein Hofstadt turn into

A she-wolf (252)

In Ashes, when Gaby wakes up from her bad dream, what does Ulla tell her

Ulla is pregnant (252)

In Ashes, why is Karl happy that Ulla is pregnant

He doesn't want her to go to Vienna. (254)

In Ashes, Baba calls in the middle of the night and tells Gaby what

The Reichstag is on fire (255)

In Ashes, who is blamed for the Reichstag fire

A Communist (257)

In Ashes, how does Hertha describe Hitler

Wise and smart (258)

In Ashes, who gets branded as "Communists" by the Nazis

Anyone who disagrees publicly with them (264)

In Ashes, why does Hertha leave

Gaby confronts her with a picture of an old Jewish man, beaten in the streets. Hertha considers Gaby's family "white Jews". (265)

In Ashes, why are Momma and Papa burying things in the rain

They are burying "un-German books" and Einstein's papers (275)

In Ashes,what does Gaby notice about Karl's smell

He smells smoky. (278)

In Ashes, what gift does Karl's mother give to Elske and Otto

An autographed picture of Hitler (283)

In Ashes, what happened to the autographed picture of Hitler

Papa burned it. (284)

In Ashes, which authors are on the banned book list

Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain (287)

In Ashes, why is Gaby surprised by the banned book list

She had read many of the books on the list and they were not by Jews, nor were they "un-German".

In Ashes, what does Gaby come to realize about the smoky odor on Karl's clothes

He was burning books. (290)

In Ashes, how does Rosa get to come to the book burning

Her school and Fraulein Hofstadt brought her (295)

In Ashes, what book did Gaby save from the pyre

Homeric Odyssey (300)

In Ashes, what book does Karl save from the pyre

Papa's book (304)

In Ashes, who says, "I'm not a book. You can't burn me!"

Gaby (304)

In Ashes, why won't Ulla leave Germany

She's afraid to raise a baby by herself. (307)

In Ashes, where does Gaby's family go at the end of the story

To Holland to catch an ocean liner to America (308)

In Ashes, why won't Baba leave Germany

She uses her position to help other Jewish people escape.

In Ashes, what does Gaby leave behind in her apartment

Her Diary of Shame

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