11 terms

lab test ex 13. part C

muscle fatigue
inability of muscle fibers to contract after long period of contraction.
latent period
time between muscle fiber stimulation and measurement of force generation.
maximal force
motor neuron and all the muscle fibers it innervates.
contraction period
period of force generated
unfused tetanus
type of wave summation with partial relaxation observed between twitches.
motor unit recruitment
increasing the number of motor units that are stimulated to contract.
maximal stimulant
stimulus that results in maximal force generated.
threshold stimulus
lowest stimulus that results in force generated,
twitch contraction
single contractile event in response to single action potential.
contraction period
period during which more crossbridges detach then reattach to thin filaments.
fused tetanus
type of wave summation with no observable relaxation between twitches.