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Michael Jordan
The University of North Carolina was the starting point for this NBA great
Kevin Durant
Texas Longhorns basketball player who went to the NBA from his freshman year of college
What is the name of the NBA player who also acted in the movie Shazaam?
Barry Sanders
This "Lions Legends" is a former running back who had his number 20 retired with the Detroit Lions. He also was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004.
Kobe Bryant
#24, Guard on the Los Angeles Lakers
Tiger Woods
In 1997, he became the first African American to win a men's major golf championship
Who was the star player of Portugal's national soccer team?
Peyton Manning
Who has the record for the most NFL MVPs?
Derek Jeter
Yankees Shortstop
David Beckham
In early 2007, the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS signed which English soccer star?
Serena Williams
Who has won 5 Australian Opens, 4 Wimbledon, 3 US Open and 1 French Open singles title?
Wayne Gretzky
Who set the NHL All-Star record of the most goals (4) in 1 period?
Babe Ruth
"Home Run King" in baseball, provided an idol for young people and a figurehead for America
Tom Brady
QB of Patriots
Michael Phelps
16-time Olympic medalist whose training regimen includes sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber
Floyd Mayweather
Who has been declared as Highest Paid player by Forbes Rich List?
Tim Tebow
Quarterback, University of Florida, Winner of The Heisman Trophy in 2007
Magic Johnson
Basketball player who in 1980 changed the perception of AIDS
Mike Tyson
Who was the youngest undisputed heavyweight champion to win the WBC, WBA, and IBF world titles?
Muhammed Ali
Won the gold medal in the 1960 summer olympics
Dan Gable
Won the gold medal in the 72 Olympics
Mary Lou Retton
First perfect 10
Arnold Palmer
regarded as the greatest player in golf history
Karch Kiraly
first player to win gold medal in both indoor and outdoor volleyball
Greg Lougainis
Won multiple gold medals, and is HIV positive
Roger Marris
Held the home run record with 61 until broken, with an asterisk
Jackie Robinson
first african american to play in MLB
Mike Powell
world record long jump holder

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