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annihilation of a group of people


A Jewish religious leader


A Jewish place of worship -aka Temple

Adolf Hitler

1889-1945? Nazi leader and dictator of Germany/The Third Reich 1934-1945


An area in the concentration camps where the prisoners were housed


Where the Jews were sealed inside the poorest parts of town with over crowded conditions and little food


Hatred against a particular group of people

Dr. Joseph Goebbels

1897-1945- Nazi propaganda leader during the Third Reich

Heinrich Himmler

1900-1945- Nazi leader of the Gestapo/secret police leader during the Third Reich

The Third Reich

The Nazi regime/kingdom 1934-1945

The Blood Liable

The rumor that started a long time ago that spread fear in to Christians-Jews stole Christian children for their blood

The Final Solution

The Nazi cover-up name for the plan to annihilate all of the Jews

Arbeit Macht Frei

translates to= work will liberate- The Nazis had this saying over many entrances to concentration camps

Gas chambers/showers

Jews were murdered in chambers filled with a poisonous gas called-Zyklon B. In many cases they were told that they were going to take showers...


When Jews and others in the ghettos and camps were chosen for death

Juden rat

The Jewish council members chosen by the Nazis to run the ghettos

The Nuremberg Laws

Laws established to take away the Jews citizenship and made them "subjects"


The secret police or Green police during the Nazi rule

SS men

An elite Nazi military unit-they ran the concentration camps and fought on the front lines


The capital of Poland-one of the largest ghettos was here


Located in Poland-a large ghetto (mentioned in The Cage) was here

The Night of Broken Glass

November 9-10 1938, when all Jewish businesses and homes were destroyed. Synagogues were burned, and Jews were beaten and killed.


The spreading of information to injure or promote a cause, a group, and/or a belief.

Hermann Wilhelm Goering

(Goring) Nazi leader of the SS men-died during the Nuremberg trials by hanging himself before his sentencing

Yad Vashem

The largest Holocaust Memorial museum- located in Israel


The freeing of the prisoners from the ghettos and concentration camps


The first concentration camp established by Hitler (1933)/located in Germany


an organized massacre

Concentration camps

The Nazis sent Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Partisans, the phyically and mentally handicapped and anyone who spoke out against the Nazis and Hitler to these prisons.


A certain amount of food/clothing given to an individual during war time to prevent hoarding.


A form of government led by one ruler

Persecution Bullying,

harassment and killing of a group of people because of their beliefs, culture, social status, etc.


Against anything or anyone Jewish


A German-born, blonde hair, blue eyed non-Jew/Hitler's ideal superior person


The countries fighting against the Nazis during WWII- France, Great Britain, United States, Russia, etc.


National Socialist German Workers' Party


Hitler became this in 1933


A total destruction by fire


1933-1945 when 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis


Rebels against the Nazis during the war


Birkenau A concentration camp in Poland-notorious for being one of the largest death camps


A concentration camp in POland known for the great escape


Belsen A concentration camp in northern Germany where Anne Frank died


AKA-Kapo-- a Jew put in charge of the barrack


June 6,1944-the allied invasion of Europe-Battle of Normany/Omaha and Utah Beach

Displaced Persons Camps

Camps set up by the Allies after they liberated a concentration camp to take care of the sick, weak and starving

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