5th grade science - 6 steps of the scientific method

1. Problem
Students must state a problem in a way that will guide their research and frame their hypothesis.
2. Research
Students will use recognizable sources, including the internet, to gather information about their problem.
3. Hypothesis
Students willmake a statement' explaining what they think will
happen in their experiment. This is also referred to as an educated guess. This statement must be testable!
4. Experiment
Design a test to check the hypothesis. Includes:
a. Materials: a detailed list of all materials required to complete
the experiment
b. Procedure: numbered steps that include a description of how variables willbe controlled.
-A control refers to a set of data used for comparison. It does
not have an independent variable applied to it
-A variable is what changes in your experiment
-An independent variable refers to what is changed or tested
and is usually depicted on the X-axis of a graph
-A dependent variable refers to the resulting data that depends on the independent variable and is depicted on the
Y-axis of a graph.
5. Observations/Data
An organized collection of information or clearly stated observations which allow you to make a conclusion. Data can be displayed in many different ways (Pictures. graphs, charts, tables, paragraphs, etc)
6. Conclusion
A detailed description of howthe data is supports or does not
support your hypothesis. Often includes questions for further
1st Step in The Scientific Method
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5th Step in The Scientific Method
6th Step in The Scientific Method