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6th grade social studies


what you learn as you grow up. It is the learned behavior of people, which includes their belief systems, languages, social relationships (such as family), their institutions and organizations, and their material goods - food, ,clothing,buildings, tools, and machines (technology)


places created by differences in culture

cultural patterns

the human imprints on the landscape or the unique use of the physical enviroment by a particular group of people.

Human Activity

the occupations and interests of people


any of the divisons of a region


the way we look at or think of a place, person, or situation


the buying and selling or bartering of goods and services

Cultral Hearth

places where cultures and civilizations emerge


locations with character


a place occupies a site, which contains a unique combination of physical and environmental conditions: climate, landforms, soils, vegetation, and people with a distinctive culture


a place's location relative to all other people


more of something than is needed; extra


a society that has cities, a central government, workers who specialize in varios jobs, writing, social classes, art, and architecture

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