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Marketing is the process of

creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing products to facilitate satisfying
exchange relationships with customers and to develop and maintain favorable
relationships with stakeholders in a dynamic environment.

The focal point of all marketing activities


The definition of marketing implies that ______ should receive benefits from exchange

both customers and businesses

The primary value that a marketer expects to receive from a customer in an exchange
relationship is

the price charged for the product

a target market

is a specific group of customers on whom a company focuses its marketing efforts.

Coca-Cola is aiming its Diet Coke Plus (with vitamins and minerals) at health-conscious
customers. These health-conscious customers represent Coke's

target market

Distribution, price, promotion, and product are all elements of

marketing mix

A marketing manager decides what combination of variables is needed to satisfy customers' needs for a general type of product. What are the essential variables that the marketing manager combines?

Product, price, distribution, and promotion variables

Marketing managers strive to develop a marketing mix that

it matches needs of target market

The product variable of the marketing mix can include all of the following except

consumer perception of the product price

the three basic forms that a product can take are

services, ideas, goods

Which of the following companies is the best example of a service marketer?


Which of the following is most likely to be an idea marketer?

abuse counselor

Making modifications to packaging or brand names involves the _____ component of the
marketing mix.


Issues of inventory levels and storage costs are both concerns relating to the _____ variable
of the marketing mix.


Rob Donaldson runs a successful wholesale business that sells equipment to restaurants
throughout the Midwest. He is considering purchasing his own fleet of trucks to deliver the equipment instead of relying on a shipper as he is currently doing. This most closely represents a decision about

the best way to distribute his products

When DuPont develops new carpet fibers that are highly stain-resistant and durable, it must educate consumers about the product's benefits. This calls for activity in which of the following marketing mix variables?


When DataComp Corp., a producer of computer software, delayed the introduction of its new spreadsheet program to modify the package, its scheduled magazine advertisements announcing the new product needed to be revised. In this case, a change in the ___________ variable caused changes in the ___________ variable of the marketing mix.


The concept of "exchange" is fundamental to the definition of marketing. What is the best
description of exchange?

Provision or transfer of goods, services, or ideas in return for something of

A marketing manager for a small computer manufacturer is analyzing the potential effects of political, legal, sociocultural, and economic forces on the firm's operations. The marketing manager is examining the ___________ that influence(s) the firm's strategy.

marketing environment

Which of the following acts was enacted to prevent businesses from restraining trade and
monopolizing markets?

the sherman antitrust act

Of all the federal regulatory units, the ____________ most heavily influences marketing

federal trade commission act


the application of knowledge and tools to solve problems and perform tasks
more efficiently.

Which of the following provides protection for and regulates brand names, brand marks,
trade names, and trademarks?

lanham act

made four specific monopolistic practices illegal when they lessen competition- price discrimination, tie-in contracts, ect..

clayton act

International Office Supplies Wholesaler charges different prices to its various customers without any legal justification. This company is in violation of the

robinson-patman act

which of the following regulatory groups is a system of nongovernmental, independent, local
regulatory agencies supported by local businesses?

the better business bureau

What is the base level on which social responsibility is built?

being profitable

Actions that promote human health and welfare address the _______ dimension of the
pyramid of social responsibility.


The practice of linking a firm's product marketing to a particular social cause on an ongoing
or short-term basis is known as

cause-related marketing

A synergistic use of businesses' core competencies to address stakeholders' interests and
achieve both organizational and social benefits is known as

strategic philanthropy

Which of the following refers to a firm's specific development, pricing, promotion, and
distribution of products that do not harm the environment?

green marketing

Sometimes business must find a balance between society's demand for social responsibility
and investors' desires for profits. This is an example of a(n) ___________ responsibility.


Which of the following is not a dimension of social responsibility and marketing citizenship?


Companies that are considered to be good corporate citizens and consider the diverse
perspectives of different groups affected by their operations are said to have a ___________


The adoption of a strategic focus for fulfilling the economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic
social responsibilities expected by stakeholders is called

marketing citizenship

If Hefty Bags expresses concern that its products are having too great an impact on the
pollution of ground water under landfills, this concern is directly related to the firm's

social responsibility

Angela organized a boycott of a local restaurant because of the owner's obvious prejudicial
treatment of Hispanics. Angela's action would most likely be called


a marketing ethics issue evolves when

an individual or organization must choose from among several actions that
must be evaluated as right or wrong.

If Firestone failed to inform consumers of design problems associated with its Wilderness AT
tires, it would have been engaging in unethical behavior in regard to which of the following
marketing issue areas?


In testing her firm's new TV ads for Transformer action figures, Beth discovers the ads make
children think many of the action figures can actually fly. Beth now faces an ethical decision
regarding which element of the marketing mix?


Pharmaceutical companies have at times been accused of acting unethically by taking
advantage of customers in the area of


At times, large retailers such as Wal-Mart may be accused of coercion in dealing with
intermediaries because of the amount of power and control these large companies have over
many of their suppliers. This is most potentially a ______ related ethical issue.


Which of the following employees is most responsible for setting the ethical tone for the
entire marketing organization?

cheif exec officer

Opportunity provides a pressure that may determine ethical decisions in marketing.
Opportunity is best thought of as

a favorable set of conditions that limit barriers but provide rewards

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