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Level of Organization: Porifera


Level of Organization: Cnidaria - Chordata


Germ Layers: Porifera


Germ Layers: Cnidaria

Diploblastic (Endoderm and Ectoderm)

Germ Layers: Platyhelminthes - Chordata

Triploblastic (Endoderm, Mesoderm, and Ectoderm)

Type of Symmetry: Porifera


Type of Symmetry: Cnidaria


Type of symmetry: Platyhelminthes - Chordata


Type of Symmetry: Echinodrmata

Radial/adults, Bilateral/young

Type of Body Cavity: Porifera - Platyhelminthes


Type of Body Cavity: Nematoda


Type of Body Cavity: Mollusca - Chordata


Segmentation: Porifera - Nematoda

No (Segmentation)

Segmentation: Mollusca

Some (Segmentation)

Segmentation: Annelida - Chordata

Yes (Segmentation)

Cephalization: Porifera

No (Cephalization)

Cephalization: Cnidaria

Some (Cephalization)

Cephalization: Platyhelminthes

Some (Cephalization)

Cephalization: Nematoda

No (Cephalization)

Cephalization: Mollusca

Some (Cephalization)

Cephalization: Annelida - Chordata

Yes (Cephalization)

Type of Development: Porifera - Arthropoda


Type of Development: Echinodermata - Chordata


Habitat: Porifera

Water (Fresh and Marine)

Habitat: Cnidaria

Water (Marine)

Habitat: Platyhelminthes

Water (Fresh), Soil, Hosts

Habitat: Annelida

Terrestrial, Water (Fresh and Marine)

Habitat: Mollusca

Terrestrial. Water (Fresh and Marine)

Habitat: Echinodermata

Water (Marine)

Diet: Porifera

Filter Feed

Diet: Cnidaria

Predators (sting prey with tentacles)

Diet: Platyhelminthes

Parasitic and Free Living

Diet: Nematoda

Parasitic and Predators

Diet: Annelida

Parasitic and Decomposers

Diet: Mollusca - Echinodermata

Filter Feed, Predators, and Herbivores

Digestion: Porifera


Digestion: Cnidaria

Gut cavity. Phagocytosis

Digestion: Platyhelminthes

Incomplete Gut. One way.

Digestion: Nematoda

Absorb from host (parasitic) and Complete Digestive system (predators)

Digestion: Annelida

Complete Digestion System

Digestion: Mollusca


Digestion: Echinodermata

Thru water.

Support Structures: Porifera

Spicules (Spongin or Silca)

Support Structures: Cnidaria


Support Structures: Platyhelminthes

Circular and Longitudinal muscles.

Support Structures: Nematoda

Thick Cuticle and Longitudinal muscles.

Support Structures: Annelida


Support Structures: Mollusca

Shells and Mantle

Support Structures: Echinodermata

Spines, Ossicles, and Calcium-rich planes

Circulation: Porifera - Nematoda

None (Circulation)

Circulation: Annelida

Closed (Circulation)(1st phylum with true)

Circulation: Mollusca

Closed and Open (Circulation)

Circulation: Echinodermata

Open (Circulation)

Locomotion: Porifera

Sessile (As adults) Mobile (As young)

Locomotion: Cnidaria - Echinodermata


Locomotion: Echinodermata

Tube Feet

Main Divisions of Body: Crustaceans

Abdomen and Cephathorax

Main Division of Body: Arachnids

Prosoma and Opisthosoma

Main Division of Body: Insects

Head, Thorax, Abdomen

Main Division of Body: Chilopods - Diplopods

Head and Numerous body segments

Locomotion Structures: Crustaceans

Walking Legs and Swimmers

Locomotion Structures: Arachnids, Chilopods, and Diplopods


Locomotion Structures: Insects

Wings and Legs

Other Appendages: Crustaceans

Claw (Chelipod) and Telson (Uropod)

Other Appendages: Arachnids

Spinnerets and Pedipalps

Other Appendages: Insects and Chilopods

Pincers (Some)

Antennae: Crustaceans

2 pair

Antennae: Arachnids


Antennae: Insects, Chilopods, and Diplopods

1 pair

Mouthparts: Arachnids


Mouthparts: Crustaceans, Insects, Chilopods and Diplopods


Eyes: Crustaceans - Diplopods

Ocelli and Compound

Respiration: Crustaceans


Respiration: Arachnids

Book Lungs

Respiration: Insects


Respiration: Chilopods and Diplopods

Lutancous or Tracheal

Legs: Crustaceans

10 (Decapods)

Legs: Arachnids


Legs: Insects


Legs: Chilopods

1 per segment

Legs: Diplopods

2 per segment

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