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Hawthorne completed Scarlet Letter in?


The prison door best represents?

The iron door seems to represent all that is strict and unrelenting in Puritan society

The rosebush outside the prison door is a symbol of ?

The rosebush represents kindness and forgiveness to the prisoners who must face either a prison sentence or a death sentence; their last saving grace

Hester has embroidered what symbol onto her dress?

a scarlet A

What gesture does Reverend Dimmesdale make throughout the book?

places his hand over heart

Why is the first scaffold scene very ironic?

Because Dimmesdale is called upon to ask Hester who
the father is

Chillingworth pretends to be of what profession?

a doctor

After she is released from prison, Hester goes to live where?

on the outskirts of Boston

How does Hester earn a living?

by her needlework; shes a seamstress

what does pearl represent in the novel?

Hester's sin

When John Wilson asks Pearl who her maker is, Pearl replies what?

she was plucked from a rose bush

Mistress Hibbins, the sister of Governor Bellingham, is reputed to be what?

a witch

To whom does Hawthorne apply the term "The Leech"?


How does Chillingworth figure out who Pearl's father really is?

he becomes Dimmesdale's doctor and when he is asleep comes into his room, opens his robe and sees his chest

What is Hester's response when she learns that the Puritan council might allow her to
remove her scarlet letter?

she indicates that only God can remove her letter

Hester tries to convince Dimmesdale to do what during their walks in the woods?

to run away and live together elsewhere

What does Pearl do when she first sees her mother without the scarlet letter?

She convulses and screams

Who destroys Dimmesdale and Hester's plans to run away from Boston?


What does Pearl do right before Dimmesdale dies?

She kisses Dimmesdale

Eventually, years after it was put on her chest to stand for "adultery", the "A" on Hester's chest begins to stand for?


Two symbolic images of the good and evil battling over Dimmesdale's soul are?

Chillingworth and Pearl

By punishing Hester with the scarlet letter, the Puritan community is doing what, according to Nathaniel Hawthorne?

proclaiming its own smug and judgmental self-richeousness
(by humiliating people of own sins they are promoting own purity)

Chillingworth became the greatest sinner in violating the human heart because?

He single-mindedly was bent on personal revenge against Dimmesdale (consumed his life)

Name another story that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote..

Twice-Told Tales & The House of Seven Gables

Nathaniel Hawthorne had an ancestor who?

presided over the salem witch trials in 1692

What happens to Pearl at the end of the story?

the inherits a fortune from Chillingworth and leaves town to never visit again excpet for writing letters to Hester and sending gifts to her

What is the setting of The Scarlet Letter?

Boston, Massachusetts 1690

What kind of story, or genre, is The Scarlet Letter classified as?

psychological romance

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