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1. only justifiable if it produces a benefit
2. in any such beneficial activity, the dose should be kept AS LOW AS REASONABLY ACHIEVABLE (ALARA)
3. there should be dose limits on any exposure to ionizing radiation

international atomic energy agency recommends the effective dose not exceed .005Sv



gamma radiationneutron to proton ratio is too great in nucleus and causes instability weightless packets of erngy-photons often accompany/follow alpha and beta shield with several feet of concrete or lead hazard for entire body x-rays similar but occur outside nucleusnon ionizing radiationcomes from uv light but health effects to skin and eyes-- sunlight, sun lamps, tanning beds, welding arcs, lasers, fluorescent -sunburn, skin cancers, photokeratitis, photo conjunctivities infrared radiation -furnace, ovens, welding arcs, molten glass and metal, heating lamps -burns of skin and cataracts microwave and radiofrequency -radar, tv, radio, cells, heating and welding -burns to dermal and subcutaneous tissues and potential damage to dna extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields -solar activity, thunderstorms -high exposures cause alteration in melatonin secretion, endocrine activity, immune response, cardiac fibrillation -long term can cause cancer, reproductive disorders