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Ritual bloodletting was crucial to Maya rituals because

Blood had high significance to them and their gods

The staple food of Mesoamerica was


Agriculture had spread through Mesoamerica by

2,000 BC

The term Olmec means

"Rubber People"

San Lorenzo and La Venta were

Major Olmec cities

The first society of Mesoamerica, which founded traditions followed by all later societies, was the


The Olmec common people

delivered portions of their harvest for the maintenance of the elite classes living

The most characteristic artistic creations of the Olmecs were

The Collosal Human Head Stones

The Olmecs traded extensively in all of the following items except

Arts such as Jade, Besalt, or ceramics, and local animal skins, Obsidian

All Mesoamerican societies used calendars derived ultimately from the

Olmec Calendar

The most important political center of the Mayan realm at its height was


Which of the following devices did the ancient Maya build in order to trap silt carried by the numerous rivers passing through the Mesoamerican lowlands?


The dominant political organization of the Mayans could best be described as

Well organized

In the ninth century C.E., a loose Maya empire was constructed by the state of

Chichen Itza

Which of the following mathematical concepts, essential for positional notation and the manipulation of large numbers, was invented by Mayan mathematicians?

They invented the concept of zero which allowed the manipulation of larger numbers

The Mayan calendar interwove a solar year of 365 days and a ceremonial calendar of _____ days.


The most flexible and sophisticated system of writing found in the ancient Americas was created by

the Maya

The Popol Vuh was

Amayan creation myth that the gods had created human beings out of maize.

The largest single building in Mesoamerica was

Pyramid of the Sun

The Chavin cult

A religion which appeared around 400 BC, spread through most of modern day Peru then vanished around 300 BC

One of the earliest Andean states, which left a remarkable artistic legacy through its ceramics, was


Which statement correctly describes the relationship between the aboriginal peoples of Australia and New Guinea?

Very isolated but a small amount of trading between the two

Malayan, Indonesian, Filipino, Polynesian, and other Oceanic languages are derived from

Austronesian languages spread by scattering peoples

The Lapita peoples

The earliest migrants from Austronesia to settle Pacific Islands

Austronesian-speaking peoples became the first human settlers on this large island off the east African coast


Austronesian peoples established what type of political societies in the lands they settled?

Hierarcheal Chiefdoms

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