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  1. se battre
  2. il n'est pas évident que
  3. il est logique/normal/naturel/juste que
  4. le fouillis
  5. s'étonner que
  1. a to do battle
  2. b the mess
  3. c it's logical/normal/natural/right that
  4. d to be surprised that
  5. e it's not evident that

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  1. it's not sure that
  2. one must/has to
  3. it doesn't seem that
  4. to approve of someone's doing something
  5. to prefer that

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  1. se fâcher queto be angry that/because


  2. ordonner queto wish that


  3. être ravi(e) queto be delighted that


  4. être content(e)/heureux(-se) queto be happy that


  5. il est étonnant queit is doubtful that