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  1. il est extraordinaire que
  2. une bourse d'études
  3. il est logique/normal/naturel/juste que
  4. douter
  5. des stages
  1. a it's extraordinary that
  2. b internships
  3. c it's logical/normal/natural/right that
  4. d to doubt
  5. e a scholarship

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  1. I'm not sure that
  2. to be satisfied that
  3. set on fire
  4. to be angry that/because
  5. it's not probable that

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  1. ce n'est pas la peine queit's not certain that


  2. une riveset on fire


  3. récurer les casserolesto scour the pots


  4. J'ai empêché qu'il ne sortI kept him from going out.


  5. il n'est pas exact queit's not sure that