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  1. il faut que
  2. le fouillis
  3. il est indispensable/utile que
  4. Je ne crois pas que tu as raison.
  5. être triste que
  1. a one must/has to
  2. b to be sad that
  3. c the mess
  4. d (I think you're wrong)
  5. e it's indispensable/useful

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  1. it's not correct/accurate that
  2. there is no danger that
  3. it matters that/is important that
  4. to ask that
  5. Do you doubt that this book is useful?

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  1. faciliter l'accèsisland


  2. exiger queto suggest that


  3. approuver queto approve of someone's doing something


  4. se réjouir queto rejoice/be glad that


  5. aimer mieux queto be afraid that