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  1. il importe que
  2. je ne dis pas que
  3. la bibliothèque
  4. cadre
  5. il est indispensable/utile que
  1. a it matters that/is important that
  2. b it's indispensable/useful
  3. c I'm not saying that
  4. d executive, professional
  5. e the bookcase

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  1. initiated
  2. to be angry that/because
  3. to be delighted that
  4. to be satisfied that
  5. I don't doubt that she knows how to do it.

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  1. il est essentiel/important queit's extraordinary that


  2. l'îleisland


  3. ce n'est pas queit's not that


  4. il convient queit is suitable/advisable that


  5. inaugurerto put away


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