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  1. ce n'est pas la peine que
  2. il n'y a pas de danger que
  3. aimer mieux que
  4. attendre que
  5. il est exclu que
  1. a there is no danger that
  2. b it is out of the question that
  3. c it's not worth it that
  4. d to prefer that
  5. e to wait until/for

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  1. evening classes
  2. improve
  3. to want that
  4. it's possible that
  5. it's indispensable/useful

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  1. approuver queto approve of someone's doing something


  2. il est nécessaire/urgent queit's necessary/urgent


  3. se plaindre queto ask that


  4. craindre queto complain that


  5. ce n'est pas queit's not that