10 terms

Math Vocab 1-10

Prime Number
A whole number greater than one that has exactly two factors, one and itself.
Composite Number
A whole number greater than one that has more than two factors.
Prime Factorization
Expressing a composite number as a product of prime numbers.
Factor Tree
A diagram showing the prime factorization of a number. The factors branch out from the previous factors until all of the factors are prime numbers.
Greatest Common Factor
The greatest of the common factors of two or more numbers.
Equivalent Fractions
Fractions that have the same value.
Simplest Form
When the GFC of a fraction's numerator and denominator is one it is in ________________.
Terminating Decimals
A quotient in which the division ends with a remainder of zero.
Repeating Decimals
A decimal whose digits repeat in groups of one or more.
Bar Notation
In repeating decimals the line or bar placed over the digits that repeat.