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A database is a tool that contains all your data.


A database is a tool that contains all your data.


Where a piece of information is seperate.


Where all the information is based on one thing


When all of the records are stored together

Alphanumeric or Text

This allows you to type in text, numbers and symbols


This allows a whole number or decimal number.
Only numbers can be entered, no letters or symbols.


This automatically formats the data to have a £ or $ or Euro symbol in frot of the data and also ensures that there are two decimal places.


Checks that a date actually exists


This datatype will automatically increase by 1 as records are added to the database

Logical, boolean, yes/no

This data type is often refered to as different things, you may hear it called 'logical', 'bolean' or 'yes/no'

Flat File Database

When all of your data is stored in one table

Data Duplication

Repeating data which can cause mistakes

Relational Database

When the data is split up into sensible groups


Data is something which is not useful for example: 24061999. These numbers have no meaning and are not useful.


Information is when the data becomes useful for example: 24061999. These numbers have been said to be a date a birth and now the data is useful therefore the numbers 24061999 is information.


Knowledge is having the wisdom to link information together and understanding what to do with the information.

Data Capture Form

A form that captures all your data.

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