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Vocabulary, Ch. 1-4


To bring into existence; to cause to be; to produce; to create


A young person; a youth; childish or immature behavior


Guilty of a misdeed or offense; criminal; irresponsible; overdue; past-due


Mathematics: minus or less than zero; lacking in constructiveness, helpfulness, or optimism; expressing dislike or a refusal to do something; no; contradictory; against


Of good social standing or reputation; worthy of being held in esteem or in a place of honor; admirable; good; honest


Protruding one's lips to express displeasure or disagreement; behaving in a sullen or disagreeable manner; moping; scowling; sulking


Cutting or chopping with repeated or irregular blows; breaking up the surface of something


Failed to get a passing mark or grade; failed; dropped out


Expressing or showing intense emotion or strong feeling; amorous; loving; romantic


Extremely funny; arousing great merriment; amusing; laughable; sidesplitting


A young ruffian; hoodlum; something or someone worthless or unimportant. OR Dry, decayed wood used as tinder.


Not friendly, warm or generous; a characteristic of an enemy; opposed in feeling, action, or character; antagonistic; mean; spiteful; unkind; hateful; malicious


Of critical importance; affecting the existence, well-being or truth of something; necessary for the continuation of life; crucial; fundamental; imperative; necessary


Very many; being or existing in great quantity; abundant; plentiful; copious


Marvelous; on the nature of a miracle; phenomenal; amazing; astounding; wonderful; awesome; incredible


To fill with fear; to overtake or control, as through the force of personality or by display of superior strength, power, wealth; threaten; coerce; terrorize; subdue


To strive to equal or excel as through imitation; copy the actions of behavior of someone or something


Partially close eyes to see better; squeezed, twisted, or drew together; squinted


On time; not late; strictly observant of an appointed or regular time


Circumstances, resources, or structures that strengthen, such as one's position or a structure; back-up systems; resources; aids; supports


Talking rapidly, unintelligibly, or idly; chattering babbling


The curved path taken by a planet, satellite, spaceship, etc. around a celestial object, such as that of the earth around the sun; course; cycle; path; tract


Frightened or startled so that movement is impossible; influenced, controlled, or directed completely as by personal charms, words, or domination; entranced; mesmerized


Crush; crumple; squeeze together; squat or hunker down; compress; squeeze; squash (scrunching/ scrunched)


Raised and contracted to shoulders, expressing indifference, disdain, etc.


Lacking in size, fullness, etc.; sparse; inadequate; meager.

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