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Physical and Chemical properties and changes with intensive and extensive properties

5 indicators of a chemical change
temperature, color, odor, texture, formation of gas or solid
physical change
the substance changes in a way in which the chemical structure remains the same before and after, not a drastic change
chemical change
in which the chemical structure of the substance is altered, the properties of the product are drastically different from those of the reactants
the ________ is substance after something has happened to it
the _______ are the substances before something happens to it
properties that do not change based on the substance you have
intensive properties
color, odor, density, malleability, brittleness, conductivity, texture
properties change based on how much you have
extensive properties
size, mass, weight, width, length, volume
physical changes examples
sand castle, chewing, mixing, all phase changes- boiling, freezing, melting, condensation, sublimation, deposition
when a solid changes into a gas
when a gas changes into a solid
chemical changes examples
digesting food, cooking, curdling, rotting, rusting