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abrade (v)

to wear something away or be worn away by friction

blanch (v)

to whiten

blanch (v)

to briefly boil

breach (n)

a hole or gap

breach (v)

to break or surpass a limit

cadence (n)

rhythm in language

clad (adj)


convolutions (n)

rolled up condition

deluge (n)

a flood

deluge (v)

to flood

dictum (n)

a declaration

feign (v)

to pretend

fervor (n)

intensity or great warmth

filigree (n)

delicate or ornamental metalwork

gilt (adj)

covered in gold

grandiose (adj)

more complicated than necessary, pompous

heresy (n)

an opinion opposite the norm, especially in religion

incessant (adj)


incite (v)

to stir up, to foment

insidious (adj)

harmful but hardly noticed

jargon (n)

vocabulary of a specific group

juggernaut (n)

a Hindu deity

juggernaut (n)

a crushing force

luminosity (n)


melancholy (n)

pensive sadess

melancholy (adj)

feeling sadness

moor (n)

wet wasteland; bog

odious (adj)


olfactory (adj)

related to smelling

pedant (n)

person who over emphasizes details

perfunctory (adj)

lacking interest

proboscis (n)

trunk, snout, nose

proclivity (n)

tendency, propensity

quibble (v)

to make trivial objections

quibble (n)

a petty objection

rend (v)

to tear apart

sieve (n)

a strainer

sieve (v)

to strain

stolid (adj)


stratum (n)


suffuse (v)

to spread over and through

tactile (adj)


tallow (n)

animal fat

titillate (v)

to excite, to cause somebody to tingle

torrent (n)


trifle (n)

a thing of little value

verbiage (n)


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